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Wednesday, June 7

End of Fashion

While I've been in Perth, Australia, some of my friends have been telling me about which local bands I should listen to (excluding AC/DC, who I already know about). Around the time they were telling me about End of Fashion, I saw a post about them on iGiF which i thought was quite coincidental. Now everytime I open my iTunes Library people say "you listen to End of Fashion; I know them" and so on.

The band's influences ranges from Brendan Benson to The Arcade Fire to Queen and their music makes constant use of synths and happy-go-lucky melodies. They sound somewhat like a NYC rock band (LEVY, for example) would with Australian accents. Whatever the comparison here's a sample tracks for you to munch on. Oh, and by the way vegemite is really bad; it tastes like really salty fish purree.

MP3 Oh Yea

Listen to a bunch more right here at their myspace.
Buy the album

Also, sorry if my server is being crappy right now, everyone seems to be having hosting problems right now.
posted by Taylor, 6/07/2006 10:22:00 PM | link 3 comments


You forgot to mention that the guitar riff from that song is stolen right out of The Pixies' "Where Is My Mind?".
commented by Anonymous katura, 6/08/2006 05:36:00 AM  
every blogger who posts on EoF mentions it, this man is just so ridiculously cool that everyone knows he knows that. it's a great steal anyway. end of fashion are the shizzle. if you get to see them live while you're out here, do. they're so much better live than on a disc.

don't f*cking eat f*cking vegemite. i'd rather clean pete doherty's ear with my tongue.
EoF are quite popular here Down Under - make sure you check out Eskimo Joe as well - they are about to go onto bigger and better things with their new album!

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