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Wednesday, June 21

The End of The World

The End of the World are a four-piece band that have been rocking the east coast in preparation for an upcoming full length release with Flameshovel Records (Maritime, Chin Up Chin Up). They've had some great response to their music both in their home at Brooklyn and at SXSW where they played earlier this year.

There's not much info out about the band right now, so I'm going to speculate on their band name, because "The End of the World" garners some questions in my mind. Is the apocalypse a reoccurring theme with their music?, is it a political statement?, are they making a so-obvious-it's-not-obvious R.E.M. reference? Whatever the case, I'm digging their music. Take a listen and buy their debut EP if you like it.

MP3 Last Cast
MP3 This Little Theatre

Listen to one more at their myspace.
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