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Thursday, June 15

Just in case you forgot: Maritime

Maritime was a band that I had prepared to post about but before I could about 8 other blogs beat to the punch. I think now's a good time to go back to them in case you either forgot about them or don't read blogs frequently enough to have heard about them. I think We, The Vehicles is one of the easily one of best releases so far this year.

Maritime stems from the band The Promise Ring, which like The Get Up Kids was a favorite of mine in my "pop emo stage". Maritime takes the groundwork that The Promise Ring layed down and improves on it. With the help of of former bandmate Dan Didler and Eric Axleson (The Dismemberment Plan), Davey VonBohlen is making some of the most intelligent Indie Pop I've heard, and they make it seem easy. These songs should be on every summer mix that you make. Buy We, The Vehicles.

MP3 Calm
MP3 Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts
MP3 Tearing Up The Oxygen

Here's a favorite Promise Ring song of mine to help show the progression of the band:
MP3 Why Did We Ever Meet

Clever Titles Are So Last Summer is having her Birthday Bash this week (and today's post is going to be huge). Go wish her a good one.
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I was always more of a TGUK fan than promise ring but I kinda like this new sound. Thanks, I'm gonna look into them more.
commented by Blogger Shaun, 6/17/2006 01:22:00 AM  

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