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Monday, June 12

Muse Leak Alert + Review!

I'm sure those who follow music leaks closely have had this a few days now, but with my limited internet access here in Australia, its taken me a little longer to get a hold of Black Holes and Revelations. As for my opinion, I'm loving the album but wouldn't quite place it as high as Absolution or Origin of Symmetry... yet. It definitely has some awesome songs on it, but nothing that immediately blew me away like Hysteria or Stockholm Syndrome did. It also doesn't have the same degree of killer piano rock operas that I love so much like New Born or Butterflies & Hurricaines. In spite of this, I think the album works fabulously.

Muse had played around with the "Spanish guitar" sound, but City of Delusion is the first time Bellamy puts it to real good use and the results are amazing. CoD is also the first time I remember hearing trumpets in a Muse song, and they get repeated in Knights of Cydonia. There's a noticable danceable quality to a few of the songs, which is something that I've found myself enjoying (on Supermassive Black Hole its the most obvious). The individual elements on the CD are strong. The fuzzy bass is in full storm, Matt's voice sounds as good as ever, the drums are out of this world, and the piano parts, although sparse, add a good deal to their songs. The album doesn't have any really weak tracks, and there's some nice variety on songs like Starlight which shows a traces of U2.

Finally, the song Knights of Cydonia is in the running for the most bombastic, pretentious, epic, (pick your adjective), song that Muse has made. It's the kind of song that can only be at the beginning of a CD or the end (Muse chose the latter). It starts out with the sound of horses galloping and lasers shooting off, has some really crazy choral singing/screaming parts, and includes one of the nastiest guitar breakdowns I've heard near the end of the song.

The CD definitley has some shining moments, and it'll definitely be in my top CD's of the year list, but I'll have to listen more to see where it stands with their other albums. Hopefully, Muse will rediscover the piano virtuosos and the massive riffs for the next album, but until then, Black Holes and Revelations more than effectively fills the gap.

MP3 Knights of Cydonia [Link Removed]
City of Delusion [Link Removed]

Like always, if you like the CD buy/pre-order it. This one is definitely worth it.
posted by Taylor, 6/12/2006 02:14:00 AM | link 3 comments


the knights song is just NUTS.. in a good way haha.. its so cheezy its sooo good lol
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6/12/2006 05:26:00 PM  
this new album is going to be huge
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6/13/2006 10:52:00 AM  
They've added a fourth member (keyboards) to the band.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7/13/2006 11:29:00 AM  

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