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Monday, June 26

The Waifs

Out of all the songs I've heard recently the one I find myself going to back to with the most frequency is "London Still" (MP3) by Australian folk band, The Waifs. Perhaps it's for sentimental reasons or maybe it's just because I can't get the melody out of my head. The band that sings the song is called The Waifs and they've been around quite a while (long enough to score a tour with Bob Dylan and have a Greatest Hits album). If it weren't for their accents, The band wouldn't feel to out of place in a Nashville bar as country music and blues are strong influences in their music. If you enjoy Neko Case, Bright Eye's last album, or alt-country in general, I'm positive you'll find much to like about this band.

MP3 London Still
MP3 Spotlight (live)

Visit The Waif's site and myspace. The first two songs are from this album.

Read Matt and Nathan's Desmonda and Bonnaroo coverage (and look at a ton of sweet pictures on both sites). Kentucky Blogs are so hot right now. Also, Lizzy echoes my sentiments about Sleeping At Last at Come Pick Me Up.

More Desmonda here and here.
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aah another classic Aussie folk-pop outfit :) am gald you are discovering some of "our" music in your adventures Down Under!

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