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Friday, July 21

Africa Trip Recap Time

Hey everybody. I had a wonderful time in Africa, in case you were wondering. It looks like you weren't too bad off without me though (Thanks Liz, Connor, Derek). I have to catch up on a week and a half's worth of music that I've missed, but while I do that take a look at some of these pictures I snapped. There's 14 pictures with a fitting MP3 and short description accompanying each one. If you ever were thinking about visiting Africa hopefully these pictures will help make up your mind. Here's some Toto to start off the mix.

MP3 Toto - Africa

Since the pictures are quite large you'll have to click here if you want to see them all (and the songs to go with them).

This picture is from the Rift Valley, which was used by The Lion King creators as the inspiration for the Pridelands. Needless to say I was singing this song in my head as we drove by.
MP3 Circle of Life

This kid was bringing me a stool in case I wanted to sit. The hospitality there is tremendous even though they have little. You can also see a fire made with corn husks.

The New Pornographers - Streets of Fire

I saw this man on a lazy mondy afternoon. Riding slow, taking it easy.
MP3 Foghat - Slow Ride

Here's me spreading some Sufjan love to children of Africa.
MP3 The Predatory Wasps of the Palisades Is Out To Get Us!

The Naroibi Marketplace. Very fun, If you come prepared to bargain.
MP3 The Clash - Lost In The Supermarket

I taught the men here how to play two-on-two and Knockout. It was like that movie "White Men Can't Jump", except as you see I dissprove that notion.
MP3 Kenny Loggins - Playin' With The Boys

"I want to feel, sunlight on my face / See that dust cloud disappear without a trace... "
"I'll show you a place, high on a desert plane / Where the streets have no name"
MP3 U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name

These were some workers we saw on the road. They asked me to take their pictures and I obligued. That's me in the white t-shirt.
MP3 The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night

Safari Picture - ZebrasMP3 Thunderbirds Are Now! - Better Safe Than Safari

Safari Picture - Monkeys
MP3 The Monkees - (Theme from) The Monkees

The Buffalo is one of the Big Five Animals in Africa as well as the Lion, Leopard, Rhino, and Elephant. It's considered the most dangerous of them all.
MP3 Bob Marley - Buffalo Soldier

The hippos were lazy and didn't seem to have a care in the world. I'm told they can be pretty vicious when protecting their young though.
MP3 Hakuna Matata

The World Famous Carnivore restaurant. On the roast - pork, beef, chicken, camel, crocodile, ostrich, and more...
MP3 Belle & Sebastian - Meat & Potatoes

The slums of Nairobi. "Dignity passes by"
MP3 U2 - Crumbs From Your Table (Live)

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Hey man! Great pics! I stole some to put in iphoto. Glad to hear you have/had a great time. See you soon t-bone!
commented by Anonymous Zielinski, 7/21/2006 01:59:00 PM  
this is my first time at your blog. just wanted to say i really enjoyed your pics and related music. looks like it was amazing and listening to u2's "streets" at the same time heightens the viewing experience. nice!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7/21/2006 02:06:00 PM  
Great pictures, and looks like a phenomenal trip... I've actually been to Carnivore (I went on a similar trip four years ago), pretty unforgettable.
commented by Blogger Everett, 7/21/2006 02:18:00 PM  
Great pictures, Taylor...I hadn't stopped by the blog in a bit, but I'm glad I did today!

Looks like you had an amazing time - very jealous over here.
commented by Anonymous tim, 7/21/2006 04:12:00 PM  
have a listen to 'shadow proves the sunshine' by Switchfoot if you can - it reminds me of your photos a lot
commented by Anonymous karen, 7/22/2006 06:21:00 AM  
Great post. Thanks.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7/22/2006 08:42:00 PM  
thanks for sharing, seems like a wonderful journey

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