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Friday, July 28

Classic Albums #6 - Psychocandy

The Jesus and Mary Chain's 1985 album is deserving of "classic status" primarily for creating the genre of noise pop and heavily influencing shoegazing. It's mixture of Velvet Underground-ish feedback and distortion (except added much heavier) with simple pop melodies and harmonies was a breakthrough. Distortion and feedback was a trademark of punk and alternative and had really never been done in a pop context before Psychocandy. The layered guitars and "wall of sound" of Jesus and Mary Chain was a huge influence of shoegazing which is a genre that My Bloody Valentine pioneered in the late 80's.

The song you probably know from Psychocandy is "Just Like Honey" and similarly this is the only song I knew off the album until I got it in the mail this week (it's being reissued). The song, of course, was used very memorably at the last scene of Lost in Translation. Some other highlights of the album are the single "You Trip Me Up", "Never Understand" which sounds like a Beach Boys song with someone destroying a guitar in the background, and "My Little Underground" which is sonically the best on the album.

MP3 Just Like Honey
MP3 My Little Underground

Buy the recently reissued album at Rhino Records (it comes with a DVD of three songs from the album).

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posted by Taylor, 7/28/2006 06:36:00 PM | link 1 comments


Boy, glad to find someone who agrees with me about that album. My Little Underground, What an engine!!! The best.
Never Understand.....a surf song for sure.
commented by Anonymous owen/d, 7/28/2006 10:13:00 PM  

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