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Friday, July 14

Connor from I Guess I'm Floating

Hah, way to be literal. But seriously, these following two artists are lacking blog coverage when they are completely deserved of immense amounts of it. They're both singer-songwriters, they're both Elliott Smith fans, and they'll both swoon you all with their graceful voices and skillful guitar playing.

Donovan Woods

I love Donovan Woods. I stumbled upon this goldmine on the internet one day and again was surprised how good his FREE 5 song EP ended up being. His lyrics are charming and clever, his voice is as warm and intruiging as Damien Rice's, and each one of his songs will make you cry for more.

MP3 Donovan Woods - I Ain't Saying She's Better Than You
MP3 Donovan Woods - My Cousin Has A Grey Cup Ring
MP3 Donovan Woods - Brand New Gun

Arms and Legs

I know, another "ARMS" band, but this guy's much different than Todd. Arms plays cute, innocent little pop songs on his guitar. He uses layered vocals in the vein of Elliott Smith, and harmonies to boot. He's got a voice on the higher end of things, but that just makes it better, kind of the same kind of "cute" that TBLLT possess. I'm pretty sure you'll all love it:

MP3 Arms and Legs - Bars All Closed
MP3 Arms and Legs - Lye Around
MP3 Arms and Legs - Alice

This concludes my Chancellorship! Gilbert will still be Secretary of War though, as he plans on taking down IGIF. Too bad I know all his strengths and weaknesses, muahaha. Anyway, thanks for listening/reading, let me know what you think! And don't forget to visit I Guess I'm Floating if you haven't already! :-)
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