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Thursday, July 13

Gilbert Gottfried and I own you for 2 days

Hey all you MFK'ers, this here's Connor from IGIF, and I'm proud to
boast that the leader of the MFK'ers, Taylor, has bestowed upon me the
key to his city for 2 whole days (the 13th and 14th). I think he was
a little hasty in that decision, because I have a knack for
overrunning cities I temporarily rule with prostitution, gang
violence, and DVD copies of Problem Child. On that note, in
fact, I should mention that I've made Gilbert Gottfried my Secretary of War. What now,

In all seriousness, I'm glad I was asked to guest post. I feel
there's a TON of music that I've featured on IGIF that people seemd to
really like, but there's not a high turnover rate in terms of
post-IGIF bloggage on said music. So for my first official post as
interim Chancellor of all you MFK'ers out there, I've decided to
feature a few bands that I feel deserve about a million times more
attention than they're currently getting.

Arms is essentially the music of
multi-instrumentalist indie rocker Todd Goldstein, who's also
in The Harlem Shakes and the more lo-fi folk-oriented 2-some
The Sea and the Gulls. Arms marked a transition in my blogging
life, as I felt compelled to move from "posting for the sake of
posting" to "posting what I love." I sorta freaked out about a few of
his songs over at IGIF, because in all honesty they were among the
best I've heard all year.

Arms really seems to have its finger on the pulse, so to speak. Their
only release, Shitty Little Disco, a promising 7-song debut EP,
shows absolutely remarkable potential. The songs, for the most part,
gave me the same sensation of suprise and excitement that I felt when
I first listened to Wolf Parade's second EP or even
CYSHY's self-titled debut. You just get the feeling that Todd
knows exactly what he's doing to you at that moment, and you
can't help but to go with it. His music is the type that
simply surprises you as you're listening.

MP3: Arms
- Tiger Tamer

MP3: Arms - Whirring
MP3: Arms
- Jon The Escalator

Second up, we have We Will
. These guys won a sort of "best band" contest (for band's
I'd never heard of) back on IGIF a little while ago. I was stunned,
first of all, at how impossibly creative and amazing and fun their
music is, and secondly how little coverage they'd been given in the
blogosphere. Basically, WWB is an electronica duo that create massive
soundscapes of all sorts of synths and bleeps and effects with added
guitar parts and samples. Not quite The Postal Service, but
damn close in terms of talent and complexity.

Seriously, We Will Build deserves your full attention. You can grab
ALL of their songs for FREE from their website here.
Here are my favorites, with added spunk:

MP3: We Will Build - White Furniture (heartwrenching +/-
MP3: We Will Build - I'm Feeling Very Unsatisfied (epic
Roman rave in 410 A.D.)
MP3: We Will Build - Out These Doors Inside (intense techno-flava)
MP3: We Will Build - 1214 (indie-pop bubblegum sunset)

I'll have two more for you all tomorrow, and maybe something a little
extra for the kids...
posted by Lizzy, 7/13/2006 06:14:00 AM | link 3 comments


Hey, all the We Will Build song titles link not to mp3s, but to this:


Just FYI. I'm looking forward to hearing them.
commented by Blogger Ian!, 7/13/2006 08:42:00 AM  
hey Ian...and everyone else.
The We Will Build mp3 links have been fixed. thanks for letting me know!
commented by Blogger Lizzy, 7/13/2006 01:04:00 PM  
hey Ian...and everyone else.
The We Will Build mp3 links have been fixed. thanks for letting me know!
commented by Blogger Lizzy, 7/13/2006 01:05:00 PM  

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