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Monday, July 24

Inara George - All Rise

"Everybody wants to be a genius" sings Inara George over crunching guitars. For Inara though, musical ingenuity is genetic, being the daughter of guitar legend Lowell George of The Factory, Mothers of Invention, and Little Feat. It also doesn't hurt to be buddy-buddy with Jackson Browne (he wrote a song for her in 1980 called "Of Missing Persons" and guests on her track, "A Day").

Her debut album, "All Rise" is being re-released today on Loose Records and it combines aspects of folk, country, and pop into eleven warm and thoughtful tracks. I caught her on tour opening for Nada Surf and Rogue Wave and her personality is as appealing as her songs. Make sure to check out these songs and follow the links below to purchase the album.

MP3 Genius
MP3 A Day
MP3 Fools Work

Inara's Website
Buy "All Rise"
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