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Saturday, July 22

Kite Flying Society

Kite Flying Society is probably the best band name out there right now. The only other one that would come close would be a band named Ping Island Lightning Strike Rescue Op, and I've called that one. Rushmore Beekeepers has already been taken - Here's their myspace page. The music isn't that bad but the vocals are nearly unbearable. Here's an example (MP3 here to stay).

But back to Kite Flying Society, I've been enjoying their music for quite some time. "6000 Shipwrecks" and "If I Could Spit" are two of the best songs in the Indie Pop genre that have come out this year and there's many more gems to be had on the CD. Kite Flying Society has created some diehard fans in YANP, ECEU, and C&T but surprisingly they haven't yet caught on full scale on the internet (which might change July 28, when their debut drops). By the way, when you're listening to the song "If I Could Split", do it with headphones on - you'll see why when the song hits :35. Pure Bliss.

MP3 Kite Flying Society - If I Could Split
MP3 Kite Flying Society - 6000 Shipwrecks

Preorder the album

Sorry this post is all over the place, my mind is a bit scattered at the moment. I've also just noticed I haven't featured much new music on here in a while so that's about to change. I guess I should start looking through my emails. Also I want to direct to this awesome Feist cover of "Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin' Bout That Girl" (in keeping with the semi-Wes Anderson theme of this post) at Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands.

Quote of the Day: "Microsoft leaves no doubt what their products are. If they made toilet paper it would be called Butt Wiper." From this article which encourages a switch to Firefox. I wholeheartedly second this endorsement. So does he.
posted by Taylor, 7/22/2006 11:07:00 AM | link 3 comments


Dang, KFS is phenomenal. Thanks for the heads up!
commented by Anonymous adam, 7/22/2006 06:12:00 PM  
wow. these guys are awesome. i'll definitely be picking up the debut. thanks!
commented by Anonymous josh, 7/23/2006 09:14:00 AM  
OMG amazing! go to their myspace and listen to love and seaguls!!
think sampled the monkees day dream believer!!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/10/2006 06:07:00 AM  

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