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Thursday, July 6

Music Bloggers are taking over my... music... blog....

I'm going to be "blessing the rains down in Africa" in a few days (yes, that's a Toto lyric) in a continuation of my summer of continuous world travel. I'll be doing some charity work in Kenya as well as exploring around Nairobi. I might also do some celeb spotting (Brangelina, Bono, Lindsay Lohan, who knows who could pop up?) Anyone have any suggestions of places to go? Make sure to pick up the two Africa-related tunes below.

While I'm gone, 4 of the awesomest bloggers on the web are taking over for me, so expect to have some really good writing on this site for a change, as well as the normal dosage of great music. Here's the current schedule (dates are subject to change):

Lizzy (Come Pick Me Up) - July 10-12
Connor (i guess i'm floating) - July 13-14
Derek (Good Weather For Airstrikes) - July 16-17 (Check out his slick new layout)
Bethanne (Clever Titles Are So Last Summer) - July 18

MP3 Toto - Africa
MP3 U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name - Live In Boston (African Chanting Version)

In other site related news:
I'm picking up tons of new readers this week. I had over 3000 hits yesterday and today I'm well past 4000 today. Hooray for Stereogum, waxy.org, and the delicious popular list!

Internet Explorer is down to 28% usage on my site meter. Hooray for Firefox/Safari!
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