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Monday, July 31

Pitchfork Fest - Day 1 - The Pictures

I'm separating my Pitchfork Fest recaps into three parts - Pictures/Review/Video. Click the links below to see the rest of the images from each respective artist with nifty slideshow effects, courtesy of Pictures For Kids Who Can't Read Good. Tomorrow I'll give my thoughts on all the bands and the next day I'll be sharing some really cool video clips from some of the artists.

Click for more Man Man pictures

Click for more Band of Horses pictures

Click for more Destroyer pictures

Click for more Mountain Goats pictures

Click for more Art Brut pictures

Click for more Ted Leo pictures

Click for more Spank Rock pictures

Click for more Futureheads pictures

Click for more Walkmen pictures

Disclaimer: There's a time/date stamp on some of these pictures. I didn't realize it was on.
posted by Taylor, 7/31/2006 05:34:00 PM | link 2 comments


you are a music blogger named Taylor, and I am a music blogger named Taylor. thought I'd say hello.
commented by Anonymous Taylor, 8/01/2006 12:16:00 PM  
Not sure if its my computer or your page, but it takes about five minutes to load and makes every other process go slow while I'm here.

I'm running Firefox on a Mac, and no other page causes this problem. But it might be worth looking into. I love the blog, but I've pretty much given up on coming here for the last month because of this.

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