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Saturday, July 29

There's no place like Chicago on a hot, summer weekend...

...At least when you throw something as awesome as Pitchfork Fest in there as well. That's where I'll be today and tomorrow. I'll be taking loads of pics with this camera. I'll also be meeting about every other music blogger in the world which I'm looking forward. The acts I'm anticipating the most (currently) are Mountain Goats, Danielson, Spoon, Yo La Tengo, and Ted Leo.

If John Darnielle pulls out this tune I think I might just die. It would be ultra-appropriate though.

Cubs In Five

If I can connect to the internet there, I'll update you tomorrow morning, but I'm not making any promises. There's a really good article about the Pitchfork Fest in the Sun-Times (via LHB).
posted by Taylor, 7/29/2006 06:55:00 AM | link 2 comments


it was good to meet you and your friends this past weekend taylor!
commented by Blogger Dodge, 7/31/2006 09:19:00 AM  
Oh Man, he so did play it. Wasn't it great!?!?!

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