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Wednesday, July 5

Triple J Covers CD - "Like A Version"

Triple J Radio is like the Pitchfork of Australia. It's the definitive source on independent music, and it provides the country with music news, reviews, and live music (without the bias that pitchfork often succumbs to).

One thing that I really enjoy about the station is their mix CD's, and "Like A Version" are my favorite of these. It's a compilation of cover songs recorded live on air by mostly Australian bands. The songs are consistentally good and most of them you'd never be able to tell they were recorded live. The majority of the songs are done acoustically and it gives the CD a more personal feel.

The CD is 23 tracks long and contains covers from David Bowie, The Smiths, Bob Marley, The Pixies, Oasis, The Eagles, and Kelis. Here's two sample MP3's:

MP3 Grinspoon – Drugs Don’t Work (Verve Cover)
MP3 Jebediah – Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (B.J. Thomas Cover)

Go visit USA Today's Pop Candy Blog. Whitney was kind enough to link to me this morning about my Gnarles Barkley post.
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didn't i tell you it was brilliant! glad you picked it up. jebediah are awesome. their lead singer, kevin mitchell, currently has a second solo album out under the name of Bob Evans, called "suburban songbook". imagine elliott smith, less sad, more nasal. beautiful stuff.
Somebody else stateside knows about Jebediah? Unbelievable. I celebrate their entire catalogue. Like a harpoon in my heart.

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