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Monday, July 17

The Working Title

"He knows they will never know the loss of time and control."
The Working Title

Hey - this is Lizzy again from Come Pick Me Up. Someone else was supposed to be guest posting, but I can't seen to get ahold of him. So, I figured 3 days without a post had been too long, and that I could throw a quick something up.

In honor of their first major label record, about-face, which will be released tomorrow, I've decided to bring to Charleston's the Working Title. They're a really great, young, talented group of guys. I've seen them progress over the last 2 or 3 years, and the stuff that they've come up with for this album is absolutely wonderful.

The Working Title - Weigh Me Down
The Working Title - The Crash

*This post was mirrored from over at my site. However, I've got a contest I'm running in which you can win the band's new disc and a t-shirt. We'll pick 2 winners. I'll be real with you, we usually only get about 20 entrants - your chances are looking great. Also, I was able to sit down and interview the band before one of their shows and snap some live pictures, so head over and check that out if you're so inclined.*

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