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Tuesday, August 22

Clawjob - Studying the effects of anti-gravity on snack foods.

When I first opened up the CD Space Crackers by Clawjob I thought it was a joke. The band name sounds like a really bad metal band, the cover is a fish on a bicycle (?), and the album came with a handwritten letter detailing how the album was a rock opera about the end of the world. Also on the letter was a drawing of a half-elephant half-batman that the band made for me (actually that was pretty awesome). So, I was actually surprised when the album was not only listenable it was actually at times really enjoyable.

The story itself would be enough to peak some people's interests (quoted from Stylus) - "Julian, Madeleine and Greg, are involved in high-level research into the subatomic structure of crackers. So, basically, they soak up a whole lot of time and funding in order to study biscuits. In space." And the music is about what you'd expect, being as epic as possible with huge guitar solos, layered vocals, power chords, and monster ballads. The only modern comparision I can think of to this music is possibly a combination of The Darkness and Man Man's "Hot Bat". No one is really filling that rock opera nitch right now (unless Meatloaf makes a comeback) and if that and 80's guitar rock are your sort of thing, then this could be the perfect band for you.

MP3 Welcome to Space School
MP3 Zero Gravity

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A man without religion is like a fish without a bicycle.

From: The Official Rules, by Paul Dickson. 1978. Delacorte Press. New York, NY.
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