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Thursday, August 31

Headlights - Live Review

If you've been following this blog, you probably know that one of my recent obsessions have been Champaign, IL's own Headlights. So obviously I wasn't going to miss the CD release show of their fantastic debut, Kill Me With Kindness in their hometown.

There were a couple local bands that played before Headlights went on. The first band was called The Living Blue and I was really impressed with them. They were a bluesy, garage rock kind of band, that probably get compared to The White Stripes but I won't fall into that lazy rock journalism. Decibully was the next band, and I they were a bit hit and miss for me.

Headlights then proceed to fill the room with their brand of dreamy shoegaze indie pop and they started off with two of their best songs "Put Us Back Together" and "Lions". The band managed to replicate all the complex sounds from their CD onto the stage and they were having a great time doing it. Erin had a bubbly stage prescence, her enthusiasm (and dancing) really connected with the audience. Meanwhile Tristan in-between singing vocals took a major role in producing the huge wall of sound with his guitar and a some really cool looking foot pedals.

"TV" was an absolute rush live, it's such a short song that I almost wish they would play it twice. "Tokyo" was also a huge highlight. Other than some minor setlist tweaks ("Words Make Me Tired" is a really odd encore, should have been "Signs Point to Yes") the band's live show is just as dynamic as their album. They're touring all over the place this fall and you'd be crazy to miss them. Check out their tour page for dates.

MP3 Put Us Back Together
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yeah, guess what? I'm back and bloggin'.
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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9/04/2006 01:17:00 AM  
Taylor, you shold really do something about the spam....

In other news, I like Headlights! Is it really true that they're starting their tour tonight and are somehow completely avoiding California? How do you do that??

Finally, the cover of their album looks liks the iWork box.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9/14/2006 08:01:00 PM  
OK, no, it looks like they were here in SF not three days ago, and I didn't hear about them until now. >_<
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9/14/2006 08:04:00 PM  

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