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Tuesday, August 22

Kill Them with Get Lonely Classics and Bring Me The Anti-Anti Happy Hollow, Idlewild.

Wow, today's a good day for music. One for the history books, and yes I did make a full sentence out of some of today's album releases (bonus points if you can name every band who's album is up there). A couple of these albums I've already given my full review and stamp of approval on, and I'm going to do the same with a couple more of them right now.

The Mountain Goats - Get Lonely (Buy)

It almost feels wrong writing a review for Get Lonely, because I've only had the full album for a couple days and I'm still getting over my awe of the record. This is one that could take a month to fully digest, and after that occurs it will probably be nearing the top of my 2006 list. It doesn't have upbeat tracks like "Dance Music" or "This Year", but instead John Darnielle goes fully into emotional aloneness to produce songs that are beautiful in their solemnity.

MP3 Woke Up New (left-click for download)
MP3 Get Lonely

Cursive -Happy Hollow (Buy)

I never really understood Cursive. I always thought their was music was good and extremely creative, but it was always too dissonate for me. The other factor is that I love The Good Life and probably would just like to think of Tim Casher as the depressed drunk that creates acoustic greatness. I'm really warming up to this latest album of Cursive though. It seems as though they've kept the chaotic nature of their last albums while being catchy enough to keep me interested for a 14 songs.

MP3 Dorothy At Forty
MP3 At Conception

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His name is Tim Kasher.
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