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Thursday, August 3

Pitchfork Fest - Day 2 - The Review

I've heard so much about the Pitchfork Fest in the last few days that even I'm sick of it. And I freakin' loved it. But if just to complete the long string of posts and get onto doing whatever else music bloggers do - here's the day two review.

The biggest difference from the get-go of the two days is that most of the bands I wanted to see played right at the beginning of Day 2. That meant alot of rushing around for me which made for a fast paced and totally awesome morning. I was a few minutes late for Tapes n' Tapes so I missed Aziz's little intro but I got to catch a couple of my favorite songs from them (Cowbell, Manitoba) and they were pretty rockin'. They one of the most photogenic bands I saw and they seemed really excited to open the festival.

Me, Picasso, and Skatterbrain went over to Danielson and each ate a large 50's style lollypop (thank you Lollapalooza promoters). The band came out in their trademarked nurses outfits complete with large name tags. They started things off right by playing tracks 2-4 on Ships. Daniel seemed a bit crowd shy and I spent most of the time wondering where is voice was coming from, but boy could he play make messed up trumpet sounds and scream "Oh Nooooooo!". Nothing out of this world but they were worth seeing.

Jens Lekmen
was the first artist that people were getting real excited to see and we had to push a little to get good spots. We later found out that at least some of the commotion could be attributed to Jens fine-lookin' lady band (or maidens as some called them). Jens started off with "A Sweet Summer's Night On Hammer Hill" and the crowd filled in for the "Bum-buh-Bum-Buh-Bums" and the "Oh no, Oh no, Oh no no no no no"s. Jens was charming and Swedish. One of the most memorable moments of the festival was a song he sang (in complete first person) about a lesbian friend from Berlin that told her parents that her and Jens were engaged. "Black Cab" and "Pocketful of Money" were other songs that came off real well. After the set we argued which maiden was more attractive. Matt Skatterbrain had a thing for the bass player but me and Matt Picasso agreed it was all about the trumpet player. Matt Fluxblog could not be reached for comment.

I took a short break before The National's set to get some pizza while everyone else in the festival went to see CSS. I ended up catching my two favorite National songs "Looking For Astronauts" and "Mr. November" and they blew them out of the park. Made me wish I had stayed for the whole set, even though the violin player kindof freaked me out in a Virginia backwoods kind of way.

I met up with the friends I came with and they said that CSS were killing it so I went over to the Biz3 tent to catch a couple songs. I agreed, the Brazilians were smoking it up but it was impossible to find a place to watch so I headed back. I skipped out on Liars and went to Flatstock which was really cool. Best concert posters go to Nada Surf, Mates of State, Modest Mouse, and Wilco. The coolest part was you could talk to the actual poster artists.

While I was going back to collect our stuff and move into a more shaded region of the park, I ran into John Darnielle who graciously shook my hand as I congratulated him on a great set and for playing a couple of my favorites. Aesop Rock and Mr. Lif started to play on the opposite stage so I ran over there and snapped a couple pictures. They really got the crowd into the performance which made for good all-crowd pictures and I digged Lif's rappin' style. Very smooth. I would have liked to stay more but the mixture of white male sweat and pot smoke in the air encouraged a quick sit down.

I opted out on Mission of Burma and got good spots for highly anticipated Devendra Banhart. I expected him to say crazy things like "sperm in the wetness of life", and to bring people up on the stage, and to throw his hands in the air and dance half naked. This didn't make any of these things less special though, I probably would have been disappointed if he didn't. "Beard of Siobhan" was a fantastic song and my new favorite from Devendra. He also played an awesome Charles Manson cover and "Long Haired Child". I'm going to have to start listening to this guy more.

Spoon was next on the list to see for me and I payed the price of Yo La Tengo to do it. The set started off a little slow but began to pick up steam when a couple songs from Kill The Moonlight were played (Stay Don't Go and Johnathon Fisk). Britt Daniels was working the loop machine on his guitar the whole time which is always fun to watch and judging from the huge grins on the faces of everyone near me, I don't think anyone was disappointed. The highlight of the set was easily "I Summon You". I really wanted to hear "Sister Jack" but I took what I got and was happy with it.

By the time Os Mutantes started it was dark, crowded, and we were exhausted. My friends had been dancing to Diplo all night long so we made a couple of buttons (mine was the phonetic spelling of Sufjan), and we were off like Devendra Banhart's shirt. Great bands, great performances, great crowds (most of the time). Pitchfork will have alot of work on their hands to top this festival in 2007.
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I love Jens' band of lovely lasses.

I've got some pictures of his show in Boston a few weekends ago.

commented by Anonymous gwong, 8/04/2006 03:07:00 PM  
i loved jens' set, or what i caught of it. sadly had to miss most of it (and all of danielson's set :-( because my friend and ride wanted breakfast.

so it was good i take it? how sad i am to have missed it.

anyway, like the blog. first time visitor, but don't worry, i will be back. ;-)

where are you from btw? i kno matt picasso as you call him is from ky, so do you know him from school or just from blog networking?

anyway, i should stop now.

i like i like.
(who is also from lexington,ky but is at the moment living in chicago, on the cusp of summer and school.)

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