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Monday, August 21

Sleeping At Last - Live in Peoria

Today is my first day at class at Illinois State University and I have two job interviews so I apologize in advance if this concert review lacks in quality. This is the fourth time I've seen Sleeping At Last and they've gotten better each time. Their new CD is much more expansive and that was represented in their live show. In a very Andrew Bird-esque matter the band used with loop pedals to incorporate overlaying guitar and piano parts as well as back-tracks for the strings. Sleeping At Last played songs mostly off their new album, but included a few older songs that the crowd responded really well too ("Currents" / "Ghosts).

The highlights though, were the newer songs which took much more rigor from the band to perform. For example, "Dreamlife" had Ryan playing the piano and singing and then switching to electric guitar mid song while Dan played Bass and two sets of keyboards. The result was a wall of sound and emotion portrayed through the band. "Careful Hands", "Envelopes", and "Umbrellas" all had similar effect. I talked to the band for a while and it's amazing how much they've overcome, especially from their crappy record deal with Interscope, to make Keep No Score (which they self-released). If I could get you to listen to one band this year, I'd say Sleeping At Last is the forerunner. Here's some of their best tracks for download.

MP3 Envelopes
MP3 Night Must End
MP3 Careful Hands

They say it's our birthday:
This is Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good's one year anniversary week(!) We'll have a big celebratory post later on this week (once my schedule slows down a little). I've had this idea for this post in the back of my mind for a while and I'm pretty excited for it.
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