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Wednesday, September 20

Anni Rossi

In the Shearwater interview that I posted a couple days ago the band's drummer mentioned that an artist he was listening to named Anni Ross from Chicago, who "plays viola and sings these strange sort of fragile songs". I was intrigued so I visited her myspace and downloaded a few of her songs. One thing I noticed right away was the similarities in voice and performance who's recently captured the hearts of nearly every blogger and indie kid out there (including myself), Joanna Newsom. Replace the harp with a viola, and you're getting an idea of what she sounds like.

There's a number of lo-fi folk pop songs that Anni Rossi has been rotating on her myspace and I've enjoyed all of them. The songs feature some interesting tempo changes, lyrics like "swinging crazily like the stock exchange", and they are like Thor said, both strange and fragile. Although, I like all her original complositions ("Machine" is especially good), the song that I've listened to the most is her cover of Radiohead's "Creep." Her voice is a perfect fit for this song - Shaky, delicate, and sometimes just eerie. The best part of the song is at the 1:50 mark, where she goes from soft viola-plucking to complete viola freakout mode. A very interesting and unique take on a classic song. Here's a few of my favorite songs of hers:

MP3 Creep (Radiohead Cover)
MP3 Machine
MP3 In The Flatlands (left-click to download)
MP3 Pondsnakes (left-click download)

Listen to a couple more at Anni's Rossi's myspace.
posted by Taylor, 9/20/2006 03:27:00 PM | link 3 comments


That is some of the worst music i have ever heard. How dare she destroy a classic radiohead song. Absolutely awful.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9/20/2006 05:54:00 PM  
Thanks for your opinion, I don't think this music is for everyone. I quite like her quirkiness though.
commented by Blogger Taylor, 9/21/2006 02:48:00 PM  
well, "anonymous" really stepped up to the plate there. Radiohead fans are very porcelain in their protectivism, eh?

anyhoo, point: Anni Rossi is rather superb. the one track you don't have, "Wheelpusher", is just great.

well done, you, for plucking a plucky plucker from this plucked world's pluck pond. or something.

x D.C.

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