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Monday, September 11

Arrah and the Ferns Live!

When I arrived at the Shearwater show on Saturday, Arrah and the Ferns were probably the last band I expected to open. I had downloaded a couple songs from them at Skatterbrain which I had casually enjoyed but after seeing the band play, I can tell you they are definitely a band to take note of. There were a group of U of Illinois students there that looked like they came off the set of Footloose (or Step Up) which raised the enjoyability factor up considerably.

The three-piece band were also dancing inbetween playing a miniature banjo and telling jokes like "How much does a polar bear weigh... Enough to break the ice!" On one of the slower songs some of the students started ballroom dancing which I'd never think I would see at an indie concert. The music stylings of the band ranged from twee to folk to alt-country, all encompassed in what could be called midwestern indie pop. On the last song two of the members jumped off the stage to dance with audience. If you live in the midwestern area make sure to catch this band on one of their upcoming dates. And bring your dancing shoes.

MP3 Emo Phillips
MP3 Apple for Evan

Buy their debut album: Evan is a Vegan
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