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Wednesday, September 13

The "iTunes Coverflow + Album Art = Sexy" Mix

Yesterday brought us a dizzying amount of media products out of the Apple's Special Event, including new iPods, movies in iTunes Store (only disney-owned, but still), and a preview of "iTV" which links the media on your computer to your TV. What I'm most excited for right now though, is the sexy new views in iTunes 7. (If Steve Jobs can call them sexy, I can). I have a music collection of over 10,000 songs and in a perfect world all of these would be linked to high-res album art. Apple just made that world a little more perfect by automatically downloading high-res album art for free from the Store when you add the songs. Sweet!

But that's not even coolest part. Now you can browse your playlists by album art with a view called Coverflow (see it in action). The effect is something that really has to be seen but the incredibly fluid motion, the beautiful mirror reflections, and the scrolling three-dimensional nature of the art makes this feature the best, I think, ever added to the Music Player. Coverflow had me up for hours last night browsing my collection and if you're a music and album art freak like me you might feel the same.

I made a mix of songs from this year with what I think is really really sexy album art. The high-res album cover is attached to the MP3 file so you can add it to a playlist and play them in Coverflow view. If you haven't gotten iTunes 7 yet, it's free and you can get it here. Tell me what some of your favorite artwork from 2006 is in the comments.

MP3 Eagles of Death Metal - I Want You So Hard
MP3 Hot Chip - So Glad To See You
MP3 Page France - Junkyard
MP3 Chad Vangaalen - Flower Gardens
MP3 The Grates - Science is Golden
MP3 Asobi Seksu - Thursday
MP3 Jeremy Enigk - Been Here Before

By the way, Page France's album, Hello, Dear Wind, is being rereleased this week on Suicide Squeeze. It's still amazing and if you haven't done so already, go buy it.
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