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Thursday, September 14


"Comfortable Baroque pop" is a phrase used by a reviewer to describe the Oklahoma band Kunek and it's one that I think describes them quite well. Baroque music, as I learned in my music history class, was very elaborate, ornate, and melodramatic which would all describe Kunek. The cover image on Kunek's album, Flight of the Flynns, is of a dandelion with it's seeds floating away and the music has a similar effect of floating. It's a very comfortable and mellowed out feeling, listening to the album. Sometimes there is a sense of urgency in the music, but the dreamy nature of the vocals in the song and the lovely piano and strings arrangements keep it you from ehereal place.

"Coma" is probably what many would agree to be the most memorable song on the album, the chamber filling piano in the song isn't something you can easily forget. There's also a folksy aspect to the music and instruments like acoustic guitar and harmonica are added during songs like "All Together" to bring this feeling to the front. Overall, I think this band shows a great amount of potential. Here's the two forementioned tracks from Flight of the Flynns which was released this week:

MP3 Coma
MP3 All Together

Buy the album

Gawker started a music blog apparently to make fun of other music blogs. Huh? I don't know whether to be mad or be impressed...

"We'll cover the people who are manufacturing the latest band buzz, whether it's an old-guard standby (Rolling Stone), an absurdly powerful new-media turk (Pitchfork), or an agenda-pimping blogger (take your pick)."
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These guys are great. I'm especially partial to "Coma." Thanks!

Just FYI, the title of your post misspells their name.
commented by Anonymous Nick, 9/14/2006 08:20:00 PM  

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