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Thursday, September 28

Middle Distance Runner

Yesterday, I got an awesome pacakge from up-and-coming band D.C. band Middle Distance Runner. Not only did they send me their CD, and a hilarious personalized note, but also a slightly used pack of Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill (because in their words, "Apparantly nothing is colder then ice, dentyne ice"). As it turns out, I found both the gum and the album to be extrememly fresh and satisfying.

The album starts off with the wonderfully catchy "Naturally", and the handclaps draw you right into the album. Garage-rock "Man of the People" is the next track that caught my attention and it has a pretty rockin' riff that would make Jet jealous. They also manage to fit in some handclaps into this song (is that the MDR trademark?). "Out of Here" is an atmospheric rock song that may draw a few Radiohead comparisons, the guitar solo at the end really wowed me here. But all of those were just preparing you for the best song on the album, "That's A Lie" which builds up to a triumphant "wall-of-sound" finish. It's the perfect song to end the album.

Middle Distant Runner's album "Planes In Flames" is an extremely impressive debut. They're looking for a record deal, and I know that if I had a label I'd sign them right away. If not for the music, but for all the free Dentyne Ice that I would expect from them. These songs are all personally recommended by me. Don't leave without listening to them!

MP3 Naturally (left-click to download)
MP3 That's A Lie (left-click to download)
MP3 Man of the People
MP3 Out of Here

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posted by Taylor, 9/28/2006 12:36:00 PM | link 1 comments


Glad to see these guys get some exposure. Plane In Flames is an amazing little CD.
commented by Blogger Owen, 9/28/2006 09:12:00 PM  

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