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Tuesday, September 19

Now It's Overhead

Now It's Overhead has alot going for them in my book. First, they're from Athens, Georgia, a town that literally breeds good music. The Athens scene brought us In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, Widespread Panic , Automatic for the People, 1/2 of Gnarls Barkley, and "Rock Lobster". Secondobly, the band just was signed to Saddle Creek Records who have put out some of my favorite music in the last decade. Thirdly, the members of Azure Ray (Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink) significantly contributed to this album, singing back vocals as well as collaborating with the band on the album's compositions. Now It's Overhead lives up to it's potential here with the satisfying and well-constructed album, Dark Light Daybreak.

The album starts off with "Let The Sirens Rest" which features some washy electric guitars and a nice consistent beat throughout the song that builds to include a sea of background voices near the end of the song. The songs explore a lot of interesting chord progressions and focus on minor chords much more than you'd expect in an pop-oriented record. The acoustic guitars on this album have a very nice sound (or timber if you want to get technical) which you can hear throught the album but takes center stage in the songs "Meaning to Stay" and "Let Up". Dark Light Daybreak is a good listen and one that I'll probably go back to multiple times.

MP3 Let The Sirens RestMP3 Let Up
MP3 Walls

Bonus: songs from the band's previous album (courtesy of Saddle Creek):
MP3 Wonderful Scar
MP3 Hold Your Spin

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