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Saturday, September 23

Pygmalion Fest: Margot & The Nuclear So and So's

Margot & The Nuclear So and So's was the first band that I saw at the Pygmalion Fest for which I had a lot of built-up excitement. Their live show has been much hyped on blogs, so I went in with high expectations and they were not only met but exceeded. As much as I love the warm folk-pop of "The Dust of Our Retreat" in a live setting their songs rocked at least three times harder, and i made the show that much better. The band was short one member (the celloist), but I didn't think it made too much of a difference, especially when there was none-too-small seven people on stage. What had everybody after the show talking was the energy of the band, and especially of Casey the ancillary percussionist. Best dance moves I've seen at an indie show since Belle & Sebastian came around earlier in the year. Due to this and Casey's occasional primal screams at the audience (see pic on right), the crowd totally got into the performance.

The songs I were looking forward to the most were "Skeleton Key", "Vampires in Blue Dresses", and "Quiet as a Mouse" and each of them were performed extremely well. What really stood out though was the incredible ending song, "Barfight Revolution, Power Violence", which had members of the crowd running on stage and grabbing random instruments to play. Whatever you do, don't pass up a chance to see Margot... play live, it's a wonderful concert experience and one I won't soon forget.

MP3 Skeleton Key
MP3 Quiet As A Mouse

Got to Pictures For Kids Who Can't Read Good to see all my concert pictures.

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