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Sunday, September 24

Pygmalion Fest: Murder By Death

Murder By Death is a band that I just recently got into and I was only really familiar with the material from their latest album, In Bocca al Lupo. Basically, I didn't know what to expect when the band hit the stage, but from the murmurings from the crowd you could sense the anticipation and excitement for the show, especially with it being the last show on Murder By Death's tour. The band immediately tore into some of their older material, which was obviously favored by a crowd made up of mostly die-hard fans. Whereas during Margot and the Nuclear So and So's set, the percussionist was the funnest member to watch, during this set it was easily the celloist who caught most of my attention. Whether she was fiercly playing the cello or banging on the piano she never lost her intensity during the set.

At one point, Murder By Death's lead singer, Adam, asked the audience if for the next song, he should play a regular guitar solo or a wanky, horrible sounding guitar solo. The crowd all yelled "wanky" and the band went into "Brother", which was probably my favorite song on their set (the guitar solo was pretty wanky). During "Boy Decide" the bass player layed out on the ground while Adam stood over him shredding his guitar and yelling to the ceiling (see picture above). The set was full of moments like these. For the encore the band played a few requests from the crowd, the one I remember most being "Intergalatic Menopause". If you're a hardcore fan of Murder By Death, you've probably seen them live a dozen times and know how great they are. If you aren't, maybe it's time for you to join the ranks.

MP3 Brother
MP3 Intergalactic Menopause

View the rest of my pictures from this show at Pictures For Kids Who Can't Read Good.
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