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Wednesday, September 13

Shearwater - Live @ Courtyard Cafe

The Courtyard Cafe is becoming one of my favorite venues in the central Illinois for many reasons. The location (center of U of I campus), the price (usually about 7 dollars), and the variety of bands playing are always great. Such was the case last weekend when I saw Shearwater play. The band had all the lights in the room turned off and played under two extremely harsh spot lights that cast large shadows onto the stage and added to the haunting feel of the set.

The band opened with the beautiful tradional celtic song, "Mountain Laurel" which is one of favorite's of theirs. All the rest of the songs were from Shearwater's newest album, Palo Santo, and they came off wonderfully. The band played two of the more fast paced tracks "Red Sea, Black Sea" and "Seventy-Four, Seventy-Five" at the beginning of the set and then moved into some of the more transcendent pieces. Johnathon's vocals came alive during the tracks "White Waves" and "Le Dame et La Licorne" which left me with shivers and from looking around had similar effect on the rest of the crowd. The mood wasn't broken throughout the whole set and the last song "Hail Mary" (which was described as a creepy painting of the Virgin Mary being carried to heaven on a cloud of babies) was the sight of every member of the band lost in their element.

MP3 Seventy-Four, Seventy-Five
MP3 Hail Mary
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