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Tuesday, September 5

Stars of Track and Field (are beautiful people)

Stars of Track and Field have all the right ingredients to become a big band in today's musical climate. It has the U2, Coldplay, Radiohead like sound that everyone's going crazy over and a huge lead-off single in "Movies of Antarctica, but also it has enough quality and variety to separate it from it's peers. They have a sensiblity to their songs that recall early 90's shoegaze bands and many of their vast landscapes come with a electronica backing.

Some stand-out tracks on Centuries Before Love and War include the already-mentioned "Movies of Antartica" which mixes a stadium filling guitars with a drowning vocals that actually fit quite well. "With You" and "Arithmatik" both explore a more electronica sound before shooting into the guitar rock that we've become use to.

MP3 Movies of Antartica
MP3 Arithmatik
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