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Monday, October 2

Joseph Arthur / Ben Kweller

Joseph Arthur and Ben Kweller are both singer-songwriter type, folk-influenced artists that have had CD's come out in the last couple weeks. I've been enjoying both of their albums a lot and since time is limited I'm covering both of them in one fowl swoop.

Out of the two, Joseph Arthur delivers a much darker and moody album. You'd expect that from an album called Nuclear Daydream, and Mr. Arthur does it well. The album is much more psychedelic based then I would have expected, but it really works well as does the intertwining of acoutic and jangly guitar sounds. "Enough to Get Away" is a stand-out track for me, music-wise it's very dense and layered, making great use of multiple loops and electronic tracks. There's a rambling quality to the verses that I like and the chorus makes a great use of a backing chorus to emphasize the title line in the song.

Enough to Get Away
MP3 Black Lexus

Ben Kweller, on the other hand, produces a much more pop-centric album and one that is ultimately more enjoyable for me front to back. It's amazing to me that Kweller not only wrote twelve beautifully constructed songs but did all the instrumentation on this album as well (the man has talent). "Penny on the Train Track" is one of the best songs I've heard this year. I've listened to it dozens of times in the last week and I still am finding new things about it I like. It's quite amazing how he takes a simple piano tune with a guitar riff and finds so many places to go with it. "Nothing Happening" is another stand-out, the piano parts are a highlight of this song, and to me they recall some of Elton John's songs.

MP3 Penny on the Train Track
MP3 Nothing Happening

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Buy Nuclear Daydream

Thought of the day: Who would win in a brawl between Joseph Arthur and Ben Kweller? Will Kweller's nose-bleeding be a disadvantage?
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