Viva Voce, Silversun Pickups, and Headlights (blogger fantasy tour #48) played at the Courtyard Cafe a couple of nights ago and I had a great time. I noticed that each of the band’s each have a really attractive female in their band which is probably what subconciously attracts me to them. Nah, it’s the music. I had a great interview with Headlights which I’ll put up in a couple of days, here is a show review I did about them a while back.

Silversun Pickups are still awesome if you needed reminding. The blogosphere collectively went nuts over their debut album, Carnavas, this Spring and you probably haven’t heard much from them since then. The band covered pretty much all of my favorite songs (Lazy Eye, Melatoin, Well Thought Out Twinkles, Kissing Families) and inbetween had some pretty interesting crowd banter. Brian, the lead singer said, “I’m officially preaching to counterculture here, right” after he discovered that no one cared about the University of Illinois game. He later had an argument with a crowd member over Jack Daniels saying it was the “McDonalds of Whiskey”.

The band was really fun to watch, the drummer for the band had a really cool setup. One of his cymbals was set up extremely high and the drummer had to do reach up and over his head to reach it, while still managing to maintain his furious beat. Brian, really tore through his riffs on the guitar and as you can see from the above picture explored the stage. Nicki meanwhile seemed to have most of the guys entranced with her pounding bass lines. The highlight was definitely the closer “Lazy Eye” which was absolutely rocking live, and featured a huge extended outro.

MP3 Lazy Eye
MP3 Well Thought Out Twinkles

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