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Thursday, August 31

Headlights - Live Review

If you've been following this blog, you probably know that one of my recent obsessions have been Champaign, IL's own Headlights. So obviously I wasn't going to miss the CD release show of their fantastic debut, Kill Me With Kindness in their hometown.

There were a couple local bands that played before Headlights went on. The first band was called The Living Blue and I was really impressed with them. They were a bluesy, garage rock kind of band, that probably get compared to The White Stripes but I won't fall into that lazy rock journalism. Decibully was the next band, and I they were a bit hit and miss for me.

Headlights then proceed to fill the room with their brand of dreamy shoegaze indie pop and they started off with two of their best songs "Put Us Back Together" and "Lions". The band managed to replicate all the complex sounds from their CD onto the stage and they were having a great time doing it. Erin had a bubbly stage prescence, her enthusiasm (and dancing) really connected with the audience. Meanwhile Tristan in-between singing vocals took a major role in producing the huge wall of sound with his guitar and a some really cool looking foot pedals.

"TV" was an absolute rush live, it's such a short song that I almost wish they would play it twice. "Tokyo" was also a huge highlight. Other than some minor setlist tweaks ("Words Make Me Tired" is a really odd encore, should have been "Signs Point to Yes") the band's live show is just as dynamic as their album. They're touring all over the place this fall and you'd be crazy to miss them. Check out their tour page for dates.

MP3 Put Us Back Together
posted by Taylor, 8/31/2006 11:27:00 AM | link 4 comments


yeah, guess what? I'm back and bloggin'.
-Dance Hall Hips
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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9/04/2006 01:17:00 AM  
Taylor, you shold really do something about the spam....

In other news, I like Headlights! Is it really true that they're starting their tour tonight and are somehow completely avoiding California? How do you do that??

Finally, the cover of their album looks liks the iWork box.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9/14/2006 08:01:00 PM  
OK, no, it looks like they were here in SF not three days ago, and I didn't hear about them until now. >_<
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9/14/2006 08:04:00 PM  

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Wednesday, August 30

The Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" Review

As you see from the two lists below, what I consider to be the best music from 1966 comes from the Beach Boys (and I'm not just saying that because the reissued album came out yesterday). The Beach Boys Greatest Hits album was the first pop CD that I ever received at the ripe age of 12. From that point on, the Beach Boys were the greatest thing in the world to me. I remember watching countless documentaries and biopics on the band, learning to play the opening to "Good Vibrations" on the piano, phoning into oldies stations to play their music, and even serenading girls in my class with the song, "California Girls".

I eventually outgrew the "surf sound" of the older Beach Boys material but I still found myself going back to two tracks on the Greatest Hits album over and over, "Wouldn't It Be Nice" and "God Only Knows." When I finally bought the whole Pet Sounds album, I was entranced by the record, and I think nearly every song on it has been my favorite at one point, I even warmed up to "Sloop John B" in time. Currently, I can't get over the opening tympani and warm keyboard sounds in "I'm Waiting For The Day" that are mixed with lyrics of bittersweet optimism.

The ideas in the Pet Sounds are universal, honest, and heartfelt. From "You know it seems the more we talk about it / It only makes it worse to live without it" to "I could try to be big in the eyes of the world / what matters to me is what I could be to just one girl" to "God only knows what I'd be without you", everyone who's been in love knows those feelings. What makes them even more poignant though, is that they are put to melodies that hit you instantly and never leave your ear (like good pop songs should, right). Even listening to the album today, there's something nostalgic and magical about it, even though I was born nearly 20 years after it was released. So hoist up the John B sails and let the Beach Boys take you home.

Buy the remastered, reissued 40th Anniversary Pet Sounds CD+DVD set. Seriously.
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The Greatest Songs & Albums of 1966

It's no exaggeration when I say that 1966 was the best year ever in the history of rock music. The three artists that dominated the sixties (Dylan, Beatles, Beach Boys) each made what is argubly their best album in 1966. Debuts from this year included The Monkees and If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears by The Mamas and The Papas. Many of the most memorable songs of Motown seem to fall around 1966. The Who and Simon and Garfunkle both put out second albums that improved on their firsts this year.

It was an emergence for experimentation, seen in "Tomorrow Never Knows" and the use of sitar in both Revolver and The Rolling Stone's Aftermath. It was also a year for sun-drenched songs of summer like "California Dreamin'", "Red Rubber Ball", and "Good Lovin'". It seems that every week a new single or album was released that is still remembered 40 years later. This was the year that saw last tour of The Beatles and transitioned Brian Wilson into becoming a studio-only artist. It was the first year that Bob Dylan jammed with The Band. 1966 was the year that music became alive. Yes, it's no exaggeration to call this year the greatest for rock music.

I made a couple of lists (who doesn't love lists) to attempt to rank my favorite music from 1966. For the first list I only allowed myslef two songs per artist. See also: Pitchfork's 200 greatest songs of the 60's.

The 20 Greatest songs of 1966.
20. The Supremes - You Keep Me Hanging On
19. The Cyrkle - Red Rubber Ball
18. Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Lovin’
17. ? and the Mysterians - 96 Tears MP3
16. Lovin' Spoonful - Summer in the City
15. The Who - A Quick One While He's Away
14. The Mamas and the Papas - California Dreamin'
13. The Monkees - Last Train To Clarksville
12. The Rascals - Good Lovin’
11. The Byrds - Eight Miles High
10. Bob Dylan - I Want You MP3
9. The Mamas and the Papas - Monday Monday
8. The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
7. The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
6. The Four Tops - Reach Out! I'll Be There MP3
5. Bob Dylan - Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
5. The Who - Substitute
4. The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
3. Simon and Garfunkel - The 59th Street Bridge Song MP3
2. The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby
1. The Beach Boys - God Only Knows MP3

Top 5 Greatest Albums of 1966
5. The Mamas and the Papas - If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Your Ears
4. Simon and Garfunkel - Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme
3. Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde
2. The Beatles - Revolver
1. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

Agree? Disagree? Discuss your favorite '66 albums and songs in the comments.
posted by Taylor, 8/30/2006 08:41:00 AM | link 7 comments


Totally agree with you that '66 was the best year for music - been saying it for years, but this post does lack without the inclusion of the Kinks' "Face to Face" album and/or their "Dead End Street" b/w "Big Black Smoke" single - arguably one of the greatest 45s ever released.

Nevertheless, kudos for raising further '66 awareness! Thanks.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/30/2006 09:52:00 AM  
Just a quick nit-pick: it's ? and the Mysterians, not "Mysterious."

Great list, otherwise.
i gotta say i do love the song "god only knows"... but pet sounds beating out revolver? revolver has always been my favorite beatles and i feel like it's more substantial that the (also excellent) pet sounds.
commented by Anonymous jen, 8/30/2006 05:32:00 PM  
"Everyone knows rock n' roll attained perfection in 1974. It's a scientific fact!" Homer Simpsons
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/30/2006 06:12:00 PM  
I've always been more partial to 1968 -- The White Album, The Velvet Underground, Hendrix, etc.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/31/2006 10:02:00 AM  
1966 was a great year. "Pet Sounds" and "Revolver" top my list for any year. I would probably lose the Mamas and the Papas and add either "Aftermath" by The Rolling Stones, or "5D" by The Byrds.
commented by Blogger Side3, 9/02/2006 04:27:00 PM  
I would put forward 1972 as the year of rock perfection:

Bowie's Ziggy
Drake's Pink Moon
Allman's Eat A Peach
Young's Harvest
The Stones' Exile
Reed's Transformer
Big Star's #1

I think that we can maybe agree that 66 - 72 was the best half-decade in rock history anyway :)
commented by Anonymous Adam, 9/05/2006 08:33:00 AM  

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Tuesday, August 29

Eric Bachmann "To The Races" Review

I'm the kind of person that loves to listen to folk music in the morning. I have a specific playlist that I put on when my alarm clock rings full of Iron & Wine, Kings of Convenience, and early Bob Dylan. To The Races is the perfect fit for this playlist; it's a fantastic morning album.

It's also deceivingly simple album, most of the songs just include an acoustic guitar and a voice, but it's underlined with a strong sense of melody and a songwriting talent that comes with years of experience. When Bachmann does add other instruments he does it with a sense of subtelity that fits perfectly into the songs. An example is the organ and harmonica in the song "Carrboro Woman" which add to the song without overpowering it. To The Races was released this week on Saddle Creek Records.

MP3 Carrboro Woman
MP3 Liars and Thieves

Buy the album
posted by Taylor, 8/29/2006 11:56:00 AM | link 5 comments


We used the text from this entry in one of our songs if it's okay!

Hope it's okay, we meant. :P
Which text/which song?
commented by Blogger Taylor, 9/09/2006 05:18:00 PM  
this text: "I'm the kind of person that loves to listen to folk music in the morning. I have a specific playlist that I put on when my alarm clock rings full of Iron & Wine, Kings of Convenience, and early Bob Dylan. To The Races is the perfect fit for this playlist; it's a fantastic morning album.

It's also deceivingly simple album, most of the songs just include an acoustic guitar and a voice, but it's underlined with a strong sense of melody and a songwriting talent that comes with years of experience. When Bachmann does add other instruments he does it with a sense of subtelity that fits perfectly into the songs. An example is the organ and harmonica in the song "Carrboro Woman" which add to the song without overpowering it. To The Races was released this week on Saddle Creek Records."

and the song "Eric Bachman". Oddly enough.
We could e mail (or whatever else) it to you in the unlikely possibility that you may actually wish to hear it.

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Monday, August 28

The Like Young - Live Review / Early Retirement?

Last Saturday, I went to see The Like Young and a few other bands at the Courtyard Cafe in Urbana IL and it was easily the oddest show I've ever been too but also one of the most memorable. There were glaring sound problems from the very beginning, in fact before The Like Young started Joe got into a small feud with the sound guy over how loud he wanted to turn his guitar up (apparantly there's sound limitations at this venue). The band started and I was really shocked at how aggressive and loud this seemingly cute couple were (whoever described them as "Mates of State with guitars" was way off). They tore through their setlist and created more sound than two people should ever have the right too.

The odd part was that we couldn't hear the vocals at all. The crowd brought it up in between songs and the band got into another mini-feud with the sound guy which revealed that because the guitar was up so loud the sound guy couldn't turn the vocals on. Any normal band would have turned their guitar down a few notches at this point but, The Like Young, I think actually turned their sound up and ripped through a few more songs, saying "I think it's funny that we actually outrocked the Courtyard Cafe". This really pissed off the sound guy and he told them they only had two more songs left. They argued for a went back and forth for a while on this and then Joe screamed, "We have three songs left and you're going to have to f***'n shoot me to get me off stage." On the last song they let loose on the set, kicking over cymbals, microphones, and amps and then walked off the stage. The audience was speechless after they finished, in awe of what took place in front of them.

The very next day, via their website, The Like Young announced their retirement from the music industry, stating the cold and cynical nature of the music industry as a reason. They obviously had been thinking about this for some time but did the sound guy incident finally push them over the edge? Who can tell, all I know is that The Like Young came to the Courtyard that night to rock, and no one was going to stop them.

MP3 For Money or Love
MP3 Dead Eyes

See the band while you can
posted by Taylor, 8/28/2006 01:34:00 PM | link 3 comments



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commented by Blogger armas, 8/29/2006 03:24:00 AM  
looks like you witnessed a moment in history there. something you can tell the grandchildren about! ; )
commented by Anonymous mjrc, 8/30/2006 06:32:00 AM  

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Thursday, August 24

My One-Year-Aniversary-Post! Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good Supergroups Project

I started this blog on this week last year. I was a naive kid who had way too much time on his hands and had no idea what he was doing (read for yourself if you must). Eventually, Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good grew into something that I felt proud of creating and I owe any success that I might or might not had to all you readers (unless you're a damn troller in which case, I owe you my bandwith problems). Last May to celebrate my 100th post I did a Covers Project that linked Buddy Holly to Sufjan Stevens. I had so much fun with it that I'm deciding to do it again, except a little different.

The goal of the mix this time was to go from the ultimate classic rock supergroup to (what is in my opinion) the ultimate indie rock supergroup while hitting a bunch of other really awesome supergroups along the way. To do this, I had to link all the artists by various duet performances, assemblages, and collaborations with each other (If you're wondering how they link up read the descriptions below the songs). All this, and still making a satisfying playlist. Sound confusing? Agreed, but I think you'll get the hang of it. Why are you still reading, start downloading some music!

From Wilburys to Pornographers: The Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good Supergroups Project.

MP3 Travelin Wilbury's - Handle With Care

Bob Dylan (credited as Lucky Wilbury) took part in this project that also included Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, and George Harrison. The band released two albums and "Handle With Care" was their most popular single.

MP3 Bob Dylan - Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)

Robbie Robertson peformed on Dylan's Blonde on Blonde back when The Band was called The Hawks. He played Guitar and sang back-up vocals. Robertson also played guitar on some tracks on Eric Clapton's Crossroads, which links him to the next supergroup.

MP3 Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert Band - Presence of the Lord

Pete Townsend put together this band to welcome Eric Clapton back from a two year break from music. It included both Clapton and Townsend as well as Steve Winwood and Ronnie Wood from The Rolling Stones.

MP3 Mick Jagger / David Bowie - Dancin' In The Street

In 1985 as a part of the Live Aid concert, Mick Jagger teamed up with David Bowie to cover Martha & the Vandella's "Dancing In The Street".

MP3 The Arcade Fire feat. David Bowie - Wake Up

David Bowie has always been known to be hip to a younger crowd and it never showed any greater than when he sang lead on The Arcade Fire's Wake Up on September 8th of last year at Fashion Rocks.

MP3 U2 feat. Arcade Fire - Love Will Tear Us Apart

Also in 2005, The Arcade Fire opened for U2 on the Canadien part of their tour. One night, the band joined U2 for a cover of the Joy Division classic "Love Will Tear Us Apart."

MP3 U2 feat. Mary J. Blige - One

For Mary J. Blige's 2005 album, The Breakthrough she recorded a cover of U2's "One". The band performed the song with her at the Hurricaine Katrina benefit as well as the 2006 Grammys.

MP3 The Game feat. Mary J. Blige - Hate it Or Love it ( Official Remix )

One of the great things about Hip Hop is that the artists are constantly collaborating with each other (even though, most of the time it's probably just to sell more records). Mary J. Blige performed with The Game on a number of tracks on their album The Documentary.

MP3 Kayne West feat. The Game - Crack Music

Kayne West featured The Game on this song from his 2005 album, Late Registration.

MP3 Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You (Kayne West Remix)

Kanye West produced The Diary of Alicia Keys and remixed a couple of songs on the album. He won two Grammys in 2005 for his contribution on the album.

MP3 Alicia Keys, Alison Krauss, Billie Joe Armstrong, Bono, Brian Wilson, Norah Jones, Steven Tyler, Stevie Wonder, Tim McGraw & Velvet Revolver - Across the Universe

Talking about the 2005 Grammy's, this supergroup was formed to perform the classic Beatles tune and was used to raise money for the victims of the tsunami in Asia. Alicia Keys and Blillie Joe Armstrong performed.

MP3 Green Day - Hitchin' A Ride

This song was in a little different direction for Green Day because it featured a fiddle solo by Petra Hadyn. It's found on 2001's Nimrod.

MP3 The Decemberists / Death Cab for Cutie - Go Your Own Way

Petra Hadyn is a touring member and constant contributor to The Decemberists. This Fleetwood Mac cover was performed at the Summerstage Festival.

MP3 Hot Hot Heat - Get In or Get Out

Chris Walla (guitarist of Death Cab) mixed and engineered Hot Hot Heat's first two albums.

MP3 Wolf Parade - Shine A Light

Dante Decaro, a former member of Hot Hot Heat, is guitarist for the Wolf Parade.

MP3 Swan Lake - All Fires

Swan Lake is the most recent addition to this list, and it easily qualifies as a supergroup. It contains Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade), Casey Mercer (Frog Eyes), and Dan Bejar (Destroyer/New Pornographers)

MP3 New Pornographers - All For Swinging You Around

Finally, with help from Dan Bejar, we've made it to The New Pornographers. Hope you've enjoyed the ride.

Thanks for reading everyone, I'm looking forward to another year of doing whatever stuff I do. If you like the chain leave a comment!

Also, here's a flow chart of the Supergroups Chain (back by popular demand).

posted by Taylor, 8/24/2006 08:50:00 AM | link 11 comments


Hey, sorry to burst your bubble a little, but The Band didn't play on 'Blonde on Blonde'. Robertson WITH the rest of The Band didn't play on a Dylan studio release until 'Planet Waves', though they were his touring band for a while.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/24/2006 06:02:00 PM  
Thanks for commenting, the lack of comments today are weird, the last time I did this I had about 23 comments in one day. Maybe no one likes supergroups?

Some of the other members of The Band did play on Blonde on Blonde, but at that time The Band was known as The Hawks. So I still think I was mostly right (I did change the wording on the post).
commented by Blogger Taylor, 8/24/2006 06:30:00 PM  
btChris Walla didn't produce the Hot Hot Heat albums, John Goodmanson did. At least their first big release... I only know cause John constantly reminded me my band sucked compared to HHH (in indirect ways)
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/25/2006 02:53:00 AM  
well i like this post. good job, taylor, and congratulations on one year!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/25/2006 08:16:00 AM  
Thanks for the info. Chris Walla was still heavily involved in HHH, but I apparently wasn't an official producer..
commented by Blogger Taylor, 8/25/2006 09:24:00 AM  

I agree that Blonde on Blonde should qualify, but if you want to get picky about it, you could choose the Basement Tapes, or Bootleg Series Vol 4: Royal Albert Hall.
Happy 1st anniversary! Props for the Swan Lake track too.
Across The Universe, not around the universe...don't tell pluto
commented by Blogger Arya, 8/25/2006 04:22:00 PM  
This was a great idea. Nicely done. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!
commented by Anonymous Taylor, 8/26/2006 01:07:00 PM  
I love you for posting that wilburys song as an mp3! I have it on a cassette tape. Yes, I'm that old.

Congrats on your anniversary - you run a good show here.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/27/2006 03:10:00 AM  
go to my blog for another swan lake song
commented by Blogger James, 9/08/2006 08:57:00 AM  

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Wednesday, August 23

George Clooney vs. The Ramones

As a blogger, one of the things you have to expect is to get alot of email requests asking for you to post various things. Well, one of the ones I get most often is for me to post a cover of "that song that George Clooney sang in O Brother, Where Art Thou."

I've been holding off as long as I possibly can, but I'm finally giving in and I'll post the cover. It's by band called Osaka Popstar & The American Legends of Punk which includes members of the Ramones, Black Flag, and the Misfits. Now stop it with the emails!

MP3 Osaka Popstar & The American Legends of Punk - Man of Constant Sorrow

So who does it better? George Clooney or a band with a guy from the Ramones... or Joan Baez if you don't like either of them?
Note: Sorry for the small, sort-of crappy post today. I'm still working on something awesome for tomorrow. Trust me, it's worth the wait.
posted by Taylor, 8/23/2006 01:48:00 PM | link 7 comments


Hopefully I'm not stating the obvious here, but that's not Clooney singing the song.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/24/2006 12:33:00 AM  
It's even more obvious that you are stupid. The song is a cover, so Clooney by definition wouldn't be on it.

The Clooney version is better btw.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/24/2006 09:31:00 AM  
Anonymous 2 just pwned Anonymous 1
commented by Blogger Taylor, 8/24/2006 10:11:00 AM  
I believe the point that anonymous 1 was trying to get across is that, the "O brother where art thou" version is sung by Dan Tyminski from Union Station.
commented by Anonymous Hlynur, 8/24/2006 03:47:00 PM  
hlynur just pwned all of us
commented by Blogger Taylor, 8/24/2006 04:49:00 PM  
Yeah, hlynur got it, and the rest of you are fucking idiots, apparently.

The song is an old standard and has been sung by the likes of Bob Dylan. So I don't get what "so Clooney by definition wouldn't be on it" even means. Since the "Clooney version" (of which there is none, since Clooney never fucking set foot in a recording studio to put vocals down on it) isn't even the original.

Anonymous 1, back again.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9/05/2006 02:08:00 PM  
For the record, I said that its a cover of "that song that George Clooney sang in O Brother Where Art Thou". I wasn't saying that he actually recorded the song but that his character sang it in the movie.

Anonymous 2 was saying that the MP3 I posted is a cover and doesn't have Clooney on it, but was confused because Clooney wasn't on the original version to begin with.
commented by Blogger Taylor, 9/05/2006 02:40:00 PM  

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Tuesday, August 22

Kill Them with Get Lonely Classics and Bring Me The Anti-Anti Happy Hollow, Idlewild.

Wow, today's a good day for music. One for the history books, and yes I did make a full sentence out of some of today's album releases (bonus points if you can name every band who's album is up there). A couple of these albums I've already given my full review and stamp of approval on, and I'm going to do the same with a couple more of them right now.

The Mountain Goats - Get Lonely (Buy)

It almost feels wrong writing a review for Get Lonely, because I've only had the full album for a couple days and I'm still getting over my awe of the record. This is one that could take a month to fully digest, and after that occurs it will probably be nearing the top of my 2006 list. It doesn't have upbeat tracks like "Dance Music" or "This Year", but instead John Darnielle goes fully into emotional aloneness to produce songs that are beautiful in their solemnity.

MP3 Woke Up New (left-click for download)
MP3 Get Lonely

Cursive -Happy Hollow (Buy)

I never really understood Cursive. I always thought their was music was good and extremely creative, but it was always too dissonate for me. The other factor is that I love The Good Life and probably would just like to think of Tim Casher as the depressed drunk that creates acoustic greatness. I'm really warming up to this latest album of Cursive though. It seems as though they've kept the chaotic nature of their last albums while being catchy enough to keep me interested for a 14 songs.

MP3 Dorothy At Forty
MP3 At Conception

Read my reviews of Snowden and Headlights' latest offerings.
posted by Taylor, 8/22/2006 11:12:00 AM | link 1 comments


His name is Tim Kasher.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/25/2006 01:49:00 AM  

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Clawjob - Studying the effects of anti-gravity on snack foods.

When I first opened up the CD Space Crackers by Clawjob I thought it was a joke. The band name sounds like a really bad metal band, the cover is a fish on a bicycle (?), and the album came with a handwritten letter detailing how the album was a rock opera about the end of the world. Also on the letter was a drawing of a half-elephant half-batman that the band made for me (actually that was pretty awesome). So, I was actually surprised when the album was not only listenable it was actually at times really enjoyable.

The story itself would be enough to peak some people's interests (quoted from Stylus) - "Julian, Madeleine and Greg, are involved in high-level research into the subatomic structure of crackers. So, basically, they soak up a whole lot of time and funding in order to study biscuits. In space." And the music is about what you'd expect, being as epic as possible with huge guitar solos, layered vocals, power chords, and monster ballads. The only modern comparision I can think of to this music is possibly a combination of The Darkness and Man Man's "Hot Bat". No one is really filling that rock opera nitch right now (unless Meatloaf makes a comeback) and if that and 80's guitar rock are your sort of thing, then this could be the perfect band for you.

MP3 Welcome to Space School
MP3 Zero Gravity

Buy Space Crackers
posted by Taylor, 8/22/2006 12:15:00 AM | link 1 comments


A man without religion is like a fish without a bicycle.

From: The Official Rules, by Paul Dickson. 1978. Delacorte Press. New York, NY.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9/03/2006 06:22:00 PM  

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Monday, August 21

Sleeping At Last - Live in Peoria

Today is my first day at class at Illinois State University and I have two job interviews so I apologize in advance if this concert review lacks in quality. This is the fourth time I've seen Sleeping At Last and they've gotten better each time. Their new CD is much more expansive and that was represented in their live show. In a very Andrew Bird-esque matter the band used with loop pedals to incorporate overlaying guitar and piano parts as well as back-tracks for the strings. Sleeping At Last played songs mostly off their new album, but included a few older songs that the crowd responded really well too ("Currents" / "Ghosts).

The highlights though, were the newer songs which took much more rigor from the band to perform. For example, "Dreamlife" had Ryan playing the piano and singing and then switching to electric guitar mid song while Dan played Bass and two sets of keyboards. The result was a wall of sound and emotion portrayed through the band. "Careful Hands", "Envelopes", and "Umbrellas" all had similar effect. I talked to the band for a while and it's amazing how much they've overcome, especially from their crappy record deal with Interscope, to make Keep No Score (which they self-released). If I could get you to listen to one band this year, I'd say Sleeping At Last is the forerunner. Here's some of their best tracks for download.

MP3 Envelopes
MP3 Night Must End
MP3 Careful Hands

They say it's our birthday:
This is Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good's one year anniversary week(!) We'll have a big celebratory post later on this week (once my schedule slows down a little). I've had this idea for this post in the back of my mind for a while and I'm pretty excited for it.
posted by Taylor, 8/21/2006 12:30:00 PM | link 0 comments


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Saturday, August 19

The Format - Live in Chicago

The Format concert at The Metro turned out to be a great experience and one of the most memorable concerts that I've ever attended. That's not to say it was a perfect night though, it started off with us getting a late start driving up to Chicago and having to wait through some of the worst traffic I've ever experienced (1.5 hour delay, seriously). Because of this we missed Anathallo and only got to see a couple Rainer Maria songs. It did give me and my girlfriend a chance to listen to some of Chicago's finest spanish radio stations though. Once we got there, We had to wade through hundreds of screaming teenage girls but we ended up getting a pretty decent spot, just in time for The Format to start.

The band kicked off with my favorite Format song, "Dog Problems" featuring a couple Anathallians to fill out the trumpet/trombone parts. It made me wonder how they could possibly sustain the momentum throughout the rest of the show, but those guys have as much energy as a border collie on steroids. They went through some of their back catalogue (much to the delight of the group of females around us) before playing "She Doesn't Get It" and "Snails" which both came off very well. Nate introduced most of the new songs and told a bit what they were about ("This song is about a fake one night stand and Duran Duran"). "Tune Out" was a probably the biggest highlight from their early material and it was perfect for a big all-crowd singalong. The band ended the main set with "The Compromise" which had everyone at the show dancing, including myself.

During the encore, they played three Dog Problems songs which was great to see. "Matches" and "I'm Actual" came first and the gradual crescendo of the songs and the triumphant ending in the last minutes was a huge higlight. Not quite as awesome as their last song, though,"Inches and Falling", which had them bring all of Anathallo out to sing and play with them. What a way to end a concert with the anthemic and optimistic lines "I love love, I love being in love, I don't care what it does to me." Overall, very fun show and I strongly suggest yourself catching them if you can.

After the show, I met up with Matt from Anathallo who I knew from this interview and we chatted for a bit. I was really upset that I had missed their show but he assured me that Anathallo would be back in Chicago soon on a tour that I can't tell any details of but I'm highly anticipating (look for the announcement on Tuesday). We also talked about how the tour was going and the infamous Pitchfork review which actually brought the band more good than bad (take that Clell Tickle).

At one point we were looking for Nate from The Format and trying to be discreet about it and I suggested that we distract them by saying "look it's Ben Gibbard" and he said that with this crowd we should say Chris Carrabba instead. Very funny and super nice guy. I ended up meeting Nate briefly and he said he had heard of my blog, which was pretty flattering. All the pictures I took tonight are viewable here, and if you're wondering Matt began the trend of using the peace symbol in every picture.

MP3 The Format - She Doesn't Get It
Anathallo - Hanasakajijii (Four: A Great Wind, More Ash)

See all the photos from the show at Picture For Kids Who Can't Read Good .
posted by Taylor, 8/19/2006 11:26:00 AM | link 0 comments


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Friday, August 18

Snakes on a Plane Review/New Wes Anderson Film!

Last night, I went to see "Snakes on a Plane"and it was undoubtedly one of the funnest movie experiences I've ever had. We expected the movie to be so bad that it was good, but in honesty, it was actually really good, by anyones movie standards (check out the 81% rating on RT). One of the best parst was that whenever Samuel Jackson would drop the F-bomb, dozens of high school kids would jump out of their seat cheering, but even without that it would have been a fantastic movie.

There were more stereotypes in this movie than all of Adam Sandler's movies combined. Just take the airplane staff, for example. You have the sexist pilot, the slutty stewardess, the flamingly gay flight attendant, the tough chic stewardess that saves the day, and the older stewardess working her last shift before retirement. Now apply that to every person on the plane and throw in tons of snakes, and make a list of the most gruesome body parts for snakes to attack and there's your movie. Also throw gansta video game expert (played by Kenan) that really shines in hilarious finale. Get some friends together and see "Snakes on a Plane" as fast as you possibly can.

MP3 Whitesnake - Here I Go Again

You thought I was done with movie news, well there's more! And this could be the best news for movies ever since Samuel Jackson utterted the line "I've had it with these motherf***n' snakes on this motherf***n' plane. Wes Anderson, who's still in the middle of post-production for his stop-motion animated movie that I'm only partially excited for, has announced a movie that I'm incredibly excited for called "Darjeeling Limited".

As all of you hopefully know, Wes Anderson is the genius behind "Rushmore", "Bottle Rocket", "The Royal Tenebaums", and "The Life Aquatic". Even though very few details have been released about the film, what we do know is that Jason Schwartzmann, Owen Wilson, and Adrien Brody will star as three brothers on a journey through India. Just the thought of Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzmann on the same screen with Wes Anderson directing might bring tears to an indie movie fan's' eyes. Also, since this does take place in India, I think we're almost guaranteed that Kumar will make an appearance.

MP3 The Faces - Ooh La La


I hope Kumar gets a mega=part in this one! .. I love Wes Anderson's flicks, even with the minor misstep that was Zissou .. I can't wait for this
That's the last time you put a knife in me! Y'hear me?

Last place I expected to hear such good news was a music blog! Either way, I am beyond pumped!

I was at an advance screening for Snakes On A Plane last night and I just about died of pure entertainment. It is definately the milleniums Army Of Darkness. People were screaming yelling and clapping, it felt like a high school auditorium let loose!
Totally agree iskander on all accounts.

I can see Kumar as a tour guide for the brothers possibly. I didn't think Zissou was great until watching it repeatedly. Still not as great as the prior two, but I still love it.
commented by Blogger Taylor, 8/19/2006 12:20:00 PM  

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Thursday, August 17

Snowden "Anti-Anti" Review

I've been a fan of Snowden ever since they released the track "Anti-Anti" last spring, and I've been highly anticipating the release of their debut LP by the same name. The band, who would best be described as post-shoegaze, hails from Atlanta, Georgia and is signed to Jade Tree Records. I was hooked by the band from listening to the echoing vocals, rich guitar line and amazing drum work of the song "Anti-Anti", and the rest of the album lives up to the high standard.

Snowden's formula for a song is simple. Wrap it in as much reverb and fuzzy guitar sounds as possible, add some pounding drums, and washed out vocals and play it with as much intensity as humanly possible. It's not something they sway from very often, but luckily for them it works brilliantly. "Black Eyes" is a great track and displays the best guitar work on the album. The soundscapes of "Stop Your Bleeding" recall the Cure for me, it's another major highlight of the album. If fuzzy guitars and shoegaze nostalgia are high on your list of turn-ons then this album is the one for you.

MP3 Snowden - Anti-Anti
MP3 Snowden - Black Eyes
MP3 Snowden - Stop Your Bleeding

Here's two remixes from the album. The Anti-Anti remix is really fun, but I'm not too much a fan of the Black Eyes mix.

MP3 Snowden - Anti-Anti (Jordan’s Stutter Remix)
MP3 Snowden - Black Eyes (Le Castle Vania Disco Remix)

Pre-order the album


Hey Taylor... thanks for the review! However, although Jordan started writing the music in Athens, Snowden resides in and claims Atlanta as its home.
They sound rather a lot like Interpol.. not bad stuff.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/22/2006 08:09:00 AM  

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Tuesday, August 15

Indie Goes Gospel!

Gospel music and indie artists don't seem to go together at all. Nevertheless, a few artists from that scene have digged into the hymnals of yore. David Bazan of Pedro the Lion used to close his shows with a hymn. Anathallo released an EP called Hymns, and Sufjan Stevens recorded three Christmas albums that had it's fair share of gospel songs on it. Recently, Belle & Sebastian released a version of one of the most well-known Advent hymns (aka Christmas Carols). Anyone know of any others?

I think these songs give an interesting viewpoint into the minds of the singers and they're 100x better than those god-awful "Punk goes Pop" compilations. While we're on the subject, didn't The Verve release a CD of hymns also?

MP3 Sufjan Stevens - Come Thou Font of Every Blessing
MP3 Anathallo - What Wondrous Love Is This
MP3 Belle & Sebastian - O Come O Come Emmanuel
MP3 Pedro The Lion - Be Thou My Vision

I'm seeing Anathallo play with The Format and Rainer Maria in a couple of days, and I'm really excited. Get ready for a concert review next week.


Hefner's "Revelations!" EP is a good one...
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/16/2006 04:23:00 AM  
Lol. That Punk Goes Pop compilation was awful.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/16/2006 02:07:00 PM  
Outstanding post.
Thank you.
any chance you could re-link these mp3s...just in time for the holidays?
commented by Anonymous looking for that sufjan everywhere, 12/05/2007 09:25:00 AM  

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Sunday, August 13

Headlights "Kill Me With Kindess" Review

This Summer, I casually talked about Headlights in this post, but ever since I picked up their debut LP, Kill Me With Kindness, I've been practically obsessive over the band (who I earlier described as "shoegazey dream piano pop rock sound that's full of guy/girl harmonies and multi-layered synths").

The amazing part of Headlights' Kill Me With Kindness is what a full listening experience the album gives you from start to finish. It's one of the few albums this year that I'd prefer to listen to as a whole instead of as individual tracks. For a young band, they really know how to piece an album together.

There's some obvious highlights on the CD, and two of them come early in the CD with "TV" and "Put Us Back Together", both of which have been floating around the internet for some time now. The momentem built with these two songs is tremendous and afterwards the band only let's down slightly. That is, until mid-album when they rip through "Lions", a song that's guitar riff would fit nicely on Cheap Trick's Heaven Tonight. The latter half of the album treats us to an interesting variety of songs like the bouncy "Lullabies" that is premised like many of Spoon's best songs and the Mates of State-ish "Hi-Ya". By the time you get to what is essentially the album's closer, "Signs Point to Yes", you're in shoegaze heaven and all you want to do is put the album in and listen again. Highest Recommendation!

MP3 Put Us Back Together
MP3 Lions

Buy the album

Headlights is performing no less then four times in the upcoming months at various locations in the Champaign/Urbana area (their hometown). This is less than a half hour drive for me and I'm hoping to make it to all of these shows. Go here for their full schedule:


Wow this is good. I'm buying the album right now. Well recommended.
I've listened to "TV" five times since I downloaded it. Amazing!
commented by Anonymous Jess, 8/15/2006 04:14:00 PM  
I won the album in a website contest, can't wait to get it!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9/01/2006 04:28:00 PM  

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Saturday, August 12

New U2 Songs Surface (Recorded from a beach in France)

I'm not too indie to admit that U2 is one of my favorite bands, even though most of their latest material doesn't really match up to their music from the mid 80's and early 90's. I had no idea that they were working on a new album so soon (especially since their Vertigo Tour isn't even over), but apparantly some French guys had their hand held recorder out at the right time and recorded some new U2 tunes that were playing out of a stereo at Bono's beach house.

There are four songs which have been numbers by the recorders as well as tentative titles by fans. I would describe them as muffled but still very listenable (there's some background sounds also). After hearing these demos, I can say I'm excited to listen to the real versions; they sound like they could blow the last two albums out of the water.

400/Can't You See has a Beatles-esque sound to it. Full strings orchestra and all, it could turn out to be an epic. 402/I Believe just sounds like it has tons of potential. I've heard it compared to Radiohead and I think that this is a fair observation. The melody and the guitar/drum breakdowns sound fantastic. Thanks to U2Exit for providing these two tracks.

MP3 U2 - 400/Can't You See
MP3 U2 - 402/I Believe

I think since these clips are recorded live and in demo form that they are fair game to post, but if anyone representing the band wants to take these tracks down, email me and I'd be more than happy to obligue.


Awesome, thanks for these, U2 my all time favorite band!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/13/2006 07:57:00 PM  
A similar event occurred a few years back with several U2 songs.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/14/2006 07:44:00 PM  
not so much like Radiohead, more like an updated version of HMTMKMKM. Still sounds real promising though.
commented by Blogger TB, 8/20/2006 10:25:00 AM  

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Friday, August 11

The Bicycles

The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly by The Bicycles is quickly becoming one of the funnest albums for me to listen to in any situation. The songs are extremely short (most fall around 2:00) and they grab your attention right from the beginning.

Many of the songs like "B-B-Bicyles" and "Please Don't Go" seem to reference 60's surf pop, and songs like "Gotta Get Out" with its trumpets, handclaps, and acoustic guitars are very Of Montreal influenced. In short, this band is like musical ritalin for the twee-lovin' crowd. Grab these tracks below then get two more at their music section.

MP3 B-B-Bicycles
MP3 Please Don't Go
MP3 Gotta Get Out

Buy the album.


so this just happens to be good for polka dots, did you know that?
it'll be up there with my top feel good albums of the year...really good stuff
commented by Anonymous max, 8/15/2006 02:28:00 PM  

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Thursday, August 10

The Oohlas - Best Stop Pop

While Art Alexakis is debating whether Jerry Falwell is a "nice guy" with Bill O'Reilly, his former Everclear bandmate Greg Eklund is making some great music with a band called The Oohlas. He takes a back seat in the trio to Ollie, who provides the spunk and vocal prowess to lead the band. The band recorded an EP last year that included a few of these songs, but they've improved by leaps and bounds since then.

The first thing you notice when listening to The Oohlas, besides Ollies vocals, is their guitar-heaviness (thats a technical term). That's not to say that Best Stop Pop is full of pop sensibilities, which it is. At times it sounds like what Mates of State might with about three times more guitars (see Small Parts). The shoegaze genre also influences the band in their usage of swirling guitars and hypnotic basslines (see TV Dinner). All together one of the best debut albums I've heard in a while. Look for it come September.

MP3 Small Parts
MP3 TV Dinner


Check out one of my favorite blogs this week, Come Pick Me Up. I'm putting a couple posts up for Lizzy while she's out of town.


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

taylor, i like this and i would like to hear some more! xo
yay! thanks for the review!
commented by Blogger Sarah, 8/14/2006 09:21:00 AM  

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Wednesday, August 9

The Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good Back-to-School Mix

School is right around the corner and since we at MFKWCRG are huge on education, I've compiled a list of songs that will help you kids to read good. Personally, I'll be hearding to Illinois State University which is in a town by the name of Normal (thousands of pun possibilities there). Without futher ado:

MP3 Mark Mothersbaugh - Hardest Geometry Problem in the World
"I'm sorry. Did someone say my name?"

MP3 Beach Boys - Be True to Your School
School spirit is so underrated, just because your an indie kid doesn't mean you can't let your colors fly.

MP3 The La's - There She Goes
Don't ask me why, but I think this is a great back to school song. Now that we're in the Facebook era though the song should be more like "There she goes again - Her name is Mandy, she's an elementary ed major and she enjoys Jack Johnson and The Notebook"

MP3 Yo La Tengo - Autumn Sweater
Not quite autumn yet but this song will prepare you for its inevitable arrival.

MP3 Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
For those of you exploring the college night life but like to take long afternoon naps. Also a good song to put on for spontaneous visits to Starbucks.

MP3 Hot Chip - And I Was A Boy From School
Not only is this song about school but it will impress your hipster friends.

MP3 Paul Simon - Me and Julio Down By The School Yard
The lesson here is if your going to get it on with some guy named Julio by a school yard, make sure your mom isn't around.

MP3 Belle & Sebastian - Wrapped Up In Books
This will describe alot of you guy's college experiences. Luckily, I'm a Mass Comm major, which means minimal book-reading and lots of watching TV (for homework).

MP3 TV Theme - Saved By The Bell
Perhaps the most accurate portrayl of high school/college ever. Oh, the memories.

Feel free to leave in the comments what school you're going to and/or a good back-to-school song.


that is so cute!

i'm gonna have to do a "back to school" mix myself. there's a few songs i want to post. hehe!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/10/2006 01:53:00 PM  
oh man taylor, this is an awesome idea! plus, there she goes is such an awesome song. i think i might have to do this sometime later in august. as i wont be heading back to school until the 30th.
commented by Blogger Matt, 8/10/2006 02:00:00 PM  
aerosmith - sweet emotion. just thinking of that opening scene from 'dazed and confused' makes me wanna cruise back to school.

"Man I love those high school girls. I get older and they just staayyyy the same"
commented by Anonymous Phil, 8/10/2006 05:32:00 PM  
My school year song is Nada Surf, "Blankest Year". "Oh fuck it, I'm gonna have a party". Uh-huh.
commented by Anonymous annA, 8/11/2006 03:30:00 PM  
Great post, I quoted you today in a post on my site and linked over here, adding a few tunes of my own to your fine, fine selections.


Good on ya and amen for the Saved By The Bell love. There's an awesome wikipedia page for SBTB, all the things you never needed to know but somehow find irresistable.
commented by Blogger heather, 8/11/2006 03:52:00 PM  
I agree with Anna, "Blankest Year" is a brillant song. For me I like the White Stripes "I Think We're Going To Be Friends"
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/12/2006 07:51:00 PM  

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Tuesday, August 8

Silversun Pickups

I put Silversun Pickups' new album on today while I was filling out job applications (I need work, foo!). I was casually enjoying the CD when I got to Track 7 which blew me away. I quickly rushed to find out that I was listening to the song "Lazy Eye" and began to play the song again. I was reminded of Smashing Pumpkins-style fuzzy guitars pounding bass lines and (more recently) Headlights-style reverb but I liked this more than both. I went back and listened to the rest of the Carnavas and realized that the whole album is quality. If you haven't already bought Carnavas put it on your list of things to do today.

MP3 Lazy Eye
MP3 Dream at Tempo 119

Buy it here

Also, there's this new music service out there called MOG. I never got into Last.fm but this does the same stuff plus its a bit more community based and you can make your own blog. Last.fm and Myspace fusion? Maybe. You can click the little widget I put up to the right to check it out.


Wow, great Band, man, this is actually really good, thanks for posting it.
Oh yeah...this song just EXPLODES at the 2:44 mark!! Such an improvement over the version that appears on their earlier Pikul EP.

I can't even begin to tell ya what this song does to me!! Definitely the best band I've ever "found" on a blog (thanks MOKB or GvB -- can't remember which one it was)!
commented by Blogger troy., 8/09/2006 03:38:00 PM  

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Monday, August 7

Ill Lit

I was never into country growing up. Maybe it was rebelling against my Texas upbringing or maybe I just can't get into those twangy guitars and shaky voices. In the last year though, I discovered Wilco (about 5 years late), and then I started to listen to Neko Case, and Jenny Lewis began leaning towards alt-country also. Basically this is the perfect time for me to get this Ill Lit record, which sounds like all the best of Americana and alt-country put together with a little electronica to back it up. "The Bridge in Tracy" is one of the grandest songs I've heard all year.

MP3 The Bridge in Tracy
MP3 Satan's doing fine without me

Buy Tom Cruise (the album not the person)
Friend Ill LIt


Sort of reminds me of The Format.
commented by Anonymous Adam, 8/07/2006 12:43:00 PM  
Funny that i totally and completely disagree with Adam.

yeah, they're alright, huh? i ended up posting on them myself, even though sometimes i cringe at the steel twangs and such.

in regards to the Silversun Pickups track (pardon, haven't checked your blog in a bit) - isn't it effing awesome? i'm really into them, and it's because of that very song.
commented by Blogger shan, 8/10/2006 02:56:00 PM  
Yea, Adam your pretty much way off there. Listen to The Format much?

I'll have to check out your blog shan.
commented by Blogger Taylor, 8/10/2006 05:53:00 PM  

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Sunday, August 6

Like A Version - Volume Two

While I was in Australia, I picked up a couple albums that were exclusive to the Aussies and this was one of them. Like Volume One, this is put on by the amazing Triple J radio station and features mostly-acoustic cover versions of songs by a variety of artists. On this edition, there is alot more familiar indie rock names (Eels, Spoon, Tegan and Sarah, Mountain Goats) as well as 18 tracks from some of the best Australian Indies. If your a fan of covers (who isn't) then you'll want to pay the extra shipping fee to get this over to you. Here's a very generous sampler:

MP3 Spoon - Upwards At 45 Degrees (Julian Cope Cover)
MP3 Eels - I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Prince Cover)
MP3 Sophie Koh - Creep (Radiohead Cover)
MP3 Lior - Needle And The Damage Done (Neil Young Cover)

Buy here. Pricey but satisfying.

Side Note: This is my 250th post!


Um, Needle and the Damage Done is a Neil YOUNG song, not Neil Diamond.
commented by Blogger Ian!, 8/06/2006 10:51:00 AM  
ha, thats funny. Sometimes I don't know where my brain is. That's actually one of my favorite Neil Young songs too.
commented by Blogger Taylor, 8/06/2006 10:56:00 AM  
sophie koh is amazing. find "all the pretty boys" if you can, it's gorgeous. track by track, start with "anywhere".
Spoon covering Upwards at 45 degrees is something I would never have dreamed of. I'm digging out Jehovahkill to play in the car today cause of this. Thanks!

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Thursday, August 3

Jeremy Enigk - New songs from World Waits

I'm not sure why anyone else is talking about this, but I guess not everyone holds Jeremy Enigk in such high esteem as me and ECEU do. Last week, two new songs were released for Enigk's upcoming follow up to 96's Return of the Frog Queen, and you can bet I'll be the first in line to grab it (especially based on the quality of these two tracks).

If you aren't familiar with Jeremy Enigk, he's the mastermind behind Sunny Day Real Estate and The Fire Theft and he's one of the most important figures of the Seattle music scene. "Been Here Before" and "River to Sea" are both amazing right off the bat, and usually you have to let his music grow on you. Come October, I don't see any reason why I won't be welcoming World Waits into my top ten of the year.

MP3 Been Here Before
MP3 River To Sea

Check out tour dates and latest news at Lewis Hollow Records
Jeremy's Myspace


Check out my blog... I've posted this before. I can't wait to him in Cleveland this coming saturday!
Hey Taylor! Cool reviews on Pitchfork and the new tracks for Jeremy's new album are luv. Just wanted to let you know I'll be catching your pals from Mates of State in Eugene, OR next Thursday as they're playing with Death Cab! I'll be sure to let you know what I think! Take care bro and it was good seeing you and Celeste in the Chi.
commented by Anonymous Zielinski, 8/05/2006 01:54:00 AM  

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Pitchfork Fest - Day 2 - The Review

I've heard so much about the Pitchfork Fest in the last few days that even I'm sick of it. And I freakin' loved it. But if just to complete the long string of posts and get onto doing whatever else music bloggers do - here's the day two review.

The biggest difference from the get-go of the two days is that most of the bands I wanted to see played right at the beginning of Day 2. That meant alot of rushing around for me which made for a fast paced and totally awesome morning. I was a few minutes late for Tapes n' Tapes so I missed Aziz's little intro but I got to catch a couple of my favorite songs from them (Cowbell, Manitoba) and they were pretty rockin'. They one of the most photogenic bands I saw and they seemed really excited to open the festival.

Me, Picasso, and Skatterbrain went over to Danielson and each ate a large 50's style lollypop (thank you Lollapalooza promoters). The band came out in their trademarked nurses outfits complete with large name tags. They started things off right by playing tracks 2-4 on Ships. Daniel seemed a bit crowd shy and I spent most of the time wondering where is voice was coming from, but boy could he play make messed up trumpet sounds and scream "Oh Nooooooo!". Nothing out of this world but they were worth seeing.

Jens Lekmen
was the first artist that people were getting real excited to see and we had to push a little to get good spots. We later found out that at least some of the commotion could be attributed to Jens fine-lookin' lady band (or maidens as some called them). Jens started off with "A Sweet Summer's Night On Hammer Hill" and the crowd filled in for the "Bum-buh-Bum-Buh-Bums" and the "Oh no, Oh no, Oh no no no no no"s. Jens was charming and Swedish. One of the most memorable moments of the festival was a song he sang (in complete first person) about a lesbian friend from Berlin that told her parents that her and Jens were engaged. "Black Cab" and "Pocketful of Money" were other songs that came off real well. After the set we argued which maiden was more attractive. Matt Skatterbrain had a thing for the bass player but me and Matt Picasso agreed it was all about the trumpet player. Matt Fluxblog could not be reached for comment.

I took a short break before The National's set to get some pizza while everyone else in the festival went to see CSS. I ended up catching my two favorite National songs "Looking For Astronauts" and "Mr. November" and they blew them out of the park. Made me wish I had stayed for the whole set, even though the violin player kindof freaked me out in a Virginia backwoods kind of way.

I met up with the friends I came with and they said that CSS were killing it so I went over to the Biz3 tent to catch a couple songs. I agreed, the Brazilians were smoking it up but it was impossible to find a place to watch so I headed back. I skipped out on Liars and went to Flatstock which was really cool. Best concert posters go to Nada Surf, Mates of State, Modest Mouse, and Wilco. The coolest part was you could talk to the actual poster artists.

While I was going back to collect our stuff and move into a more shaded region of the park, I ran into John Darnielle who graciously shook my hand as I congratulated him on a great set and for playing a couple of my favorites. Aesop Rock and Mr. Lif started to play on the opposite stage so I ran over there and snapped a couple pictures. They really got the crowd into the performance which made for good all-crowd pictures and I digged Lif's rappin' style. Very smooth. I would have liked to stay more but the mixture of white male sweat and pot smoke in the air encouraged a quick sit down.

I opted out on Mission of Burma and got good spots for highly anticipated Devendra Banhart. I expected him to say crazy things like "sperm in the wetness of life", and to bring people up on the stage, and to throw his hands in the air and dance half naked. This didn't make any of these things less special though, I probably would have been disappointed if he didn't. "Beard of Siobhan" was a fantastic song and my new favorite from Devendra. He also played an awesome Charles Manson cover and "Long Haired Child". I'm going to have to start listening to this guy more.

Spoon was next on the list to see for me and I payed the price of Yo La Tengo to do it. The set started off a little slow but began to pick up steam when a couple songs from Kill The Moonlight were played (Stay Don't Go and Johnathon Fisk). Britt Daniels was working the loop machine on his guitar the whole time which is always fun to watch and judging from the huge grins on the faces of everyone near me, I don't think anyone was disappointed. The highlight of the set was easily "I Summon You". I really wanted to hear "Sister Jack" but I took what I got and was happy with it.

By the time Os Mutantes started it was dark, crowded, and we were exhausted. My friends had been dancing to Diplo all night long so we made a couple of buttons (mine was the phonetic spelling of Sufjan), and we were off like Devendra Banhart's shirt. Great bands, great performances, great crowds (most of the time). Pitchfork will have alot of work on their hands to top this festival in 2007.


I love Jens' band of lovely lasses.

I've got some pictures of his show in Boston a few weekends ago.

commented by Anonymous gwong, 8/04/2006 03:07:00 PM  
i loved jens' set, or what i caught of it. sadly had to miss most of it (and all of danielson's set :-( because my friend and ride wanted breakfast.

so it was good i take it? how sad i am to have missed it.

anyway, like the blog. first time visitor, but don't worry, i will be back. ;-)

where are you from btw? i kno matt picasso as you call him is from ky, so do you know him from school or just from blog networking?

anyway, i should stop now.

i like i like.
(who is also from lexington,ky but is at the moment living in chicago, on the cusp of summer and school.)

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Ramona Cordova

Ramona Cordova is an artist that I've had on my list to write about for a couple weeks, and recent hype from Matt/Matt have made me more excited about the artist. He has an awkward charm about him that is extremely appealing. Take "Giver's Reply" which for the first minute and a half is just an organ and his voice before adding a drum beat that should have nothing to do with the song. It works though, really well actually. "Inside the Gypsy Bar" is more of a clean cut flamenca sounding song but again done really well. His voice adds alot to the song and lets it keep its originality.

MP3 Giver's Reply
MP3 Inside The Gypsy Bar



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Wednesday, August 2

Pitchfork Fest - Day 2 - The Videos

Danielson - Did You Step On My Trumpet

Jens Lekmen - Black Cab

The National - Mr. November

Devendra Banhart - Long Haired Child

Devendra Banhart - The Beard is for Siobhan

Spoon - I Turn My Camera On

Spoon - My Mathematical Mind


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Pitchfork Fest - Day 2 - The Pictures



good things are a-brewin'.

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Ragged Mag and Los Campesinos!

Filter is putting out a new online mag called Ragged Mag that's pretty good and very free. It has a mix of artist interviews (Phantom Planet talks about the song "California, Morningwood talks their brand of sexuality, Nina Gordon talks about Capt'n Crunch) and articles (Silversun Pickups) that are worth reading. It also has those neat little features where artists talk about their favorite albums. Download here.

I talked about Los Campesinos last month and I got a free copy of their EP out of it. They're still working on album art so it was just a burnt copy but it had a personalized note and the only Los Campesinos song I was missing - Death to Los Campesinos! It's now my second favorite song of theirs.

MP3 Death to Los Campesinos!
MP3 You! Me! Dancing! (My first favorite)


You! Me! Dancing! is very similar to "Lost in the supermarket" by The Clash. One of the music blogs I read recently posted "Lost in the supermarket," (I don't remember which one, maybe even you) so It's fresh in my mind.
commented by Blogger Jarrod, 8/09/2006 12:59:00 PM  

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Tuesday, August 1

Pitchfork Fest - Day 1 - The Videos

Band of Horses - The Funeral

The Mountain Goats - Cubs in Five

The Mountain Goats - No Children

Ted Leo - Me and Mia

The Walkmen - The Rat

The Futureheads - Decent Days & Nights

Note: I have a video of Me and Mia by Ted Leo but I'm having a little bit of trouble uploading it. I'll see if I can get it up by the end of the day.

Yay! Got Ted Leo up. Thank you iSquint.


looks amazing!!! only thing is that the croud should be dancing like crazy people to all of them!!!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8/02/2006 05:54:00 AM  

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Pitchfork Fest - Day 1 - The Review

We arrived in Chicago around 11:45 in time to catch a few songs in Chin Up Chin Up's set. I didn't really like the singer's voice on the album; but in person me and Matty G agreed that it was much stronger (Matty G is a friend of mine and a much better music writer than I am, check out some of his reviews at Tiny Mix Tapes). "Collide the Tide" is a great song and I'm glad that I got to see it live.

Next up was Man Man. They had a fun set and I give them props for great showmanship but I couldn't really get into the songs. My mom would say that it just seems like alot of noise, and my mom is pretty much an expert on indie rock so I'll agree with her. I saw the lead singer guy walking around a few times and I can say that he's really rockin' the mullet.

Band of Horses was the first band I was really excited to see and they didn't disappoint. They started off with "The Great Salt Lake" and then Ben Bridwell asked the crowd if anyone had any weed. You can't really beat that opening. Fittingly, they went into "Weed Party" next. It was blisteringly hot during their set but I don't think anyone minded. "The Funeral", of course, ended their set and it was just as rocking as I expected it to be. I highly recommend seeing them live.

Next up was the band I was most excited about seeing and that was The Mountain Goats. John Darnielle started out with "Jenny", which is a tribute to motorcycles and pirates. The crowd was really into the set and started yelling out song requests after the second song. I was yelling out "Cubs in Five" and to my extreme enjoyment, it was played (with the introduction - "I never play this song anymore because it's too depressing). Darnielle chatted for a couple minutes inbetween each song about his childhood, how he hates when people with an acoustic guitar ask you to sing (which he did twice), and why the piano parts are so simple in "Dance Music" (another highlight). The best part of the set though, was the all-crowd sing-a-long to "No Children". They lyrics were changed at the end to "I hope you die, I hope WE ALL die". Definitely the highlight of the day.

Me and Matty G walked over to Destroyer to watch part of Bejar's set. We were really far out and I ended up talking to Chris and Eric most of the time. It was nice to hear "European Oils" but overall I found it a bit boring. I'd probably rather listen to the album at home then standing out in the hot sun.

Art Brut played next and they started off energetically with "Formed A Band" and "Bang Bang Rock and Roll". It felt good rocking out a little bit and everyone around me was having a great time. Where did Eddie Argos' mustache go? I also caught the end of their set and got to see "Good Weekend" which ended with the Eddie going through every band in the festival and then yelling "Top of the Pops". It made me wonder if the band was ever going to get over not being able to play on the show. Either way, I give Art Brut my seal of approval.

In between watching the previous band, I went and watched a few songs by Spank Rock. I didn't know what to expect but Dodge had nothing but good things to say about them. I really enjoyed the few songs I did see and I heard that they killed it at the end, soaking the crowd with booze and bringing tons of people on stage.

I took a short break to grab a jumbo beef hot dog and some Fuse but was able to catch the end of Ted Leo's set, and I'm glad I did. The guy can play some guitar and I'm really glad I was able to see "Me and Mia". I've heard alot of good things about Ted Leo live and it seems all the good hype was justified.

I was dead tired by the time The Walkmen played and I took most of the time lounging with my friends behind the stage. I got up for a few songs and luckily was able to see them play "The Rat". They weren't playing with their original drummer and while the replacement was obviously really good when I saw them last time the drumming was the highlight so that was a bit of a disappointment. I love the singer's voice though and I really don't have too many bad things to say about the set.

While most of my group went to see A-Track I went to watch The Futureheads. I didn't know what to expect from the band but they opened awesomely with "Decent Days and Nights" and they never let up. I absolutely loved the four part vocals and they had a great stage presence. I was really blown away and I wouldn't pass up a chance to see them again. As I was going to join my friends they started playing "Hounds of Love" and that song was stuck in my head the rest of the night. I give the Futureheads one of my highest recommendations of the day.

We were all really tired and hungry so we skipped out on Silver Jews (which from what I hear was a good idea) and instead went to eat and then back to our hotel. Overall we all had a fantastic day, you could almost call it indie-tastic (but then you might be brought to a back room and shot by Aziz Ansari).

Note: Next up is going to be some really cool Pitchfork Videos from Day 1. Hopefully I can learn how to learn this u-Tube thing. Reviews/Pictures elsewhere - GVB, marathonpacks, iGiF, fluxblog, YANP, goodhodgkins, MOKB


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